how romantic are you? for guys, bois, and those romantic souls.

There are people in this world that are truly romantic and then there are some who just really don't get it.... Are you one of these or somewhere in between

Everyone's view on romance is different. This quiz and its parts are mine. I just thought I would make this quiz to see how others measure up. *wink*

Created by: Lee
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3. when you were in school and a girl dropped her books in the hall what did you do?
help her pick up her books. Smile at her when she says thank you.
help her but only because she is blocking the hall.
keep walking you are going to be late if you help her.
kick one of the books as you walk by, its a good laugh.
4. Again, back in school, there was a dance. How did you go about getting a date?
A single rose, and trembling knees...
sweaty hands, and a dry throat...
left a note in her locker....
dance?! what dance?
5. Your first car! You and your best friend are riding around, the cutest girl in school is walking home. What would you do?
Pull over kick your buddy out (he understands) drive up and offer her a ride home. (turn on the radio to something nice.)
make your buddy climb in back... offer her a ride home.
offer her a ride... she can ride in the back.
just keep going, it's not like she was flagging you down for a ride.
6. You get a date! Whats your next move?
You show up ON TIME! with flowers in hand, and meet and greet the parents. You have plenty of time before the reservations.
You get there on time, say hello to her parents, and run tothe restaraunt since you are cutting it close.
You call form your cell to say you are on your way. You are running behind, you ask her to meet you outside.
You pull in the driveway, honk a couple times.
7. You think you have found THE girl for you. How do you pop the question?
While you are walking through the park on a warm summer evening at sunset , you drop to one knee and ask for her hand.
while at a resturaunt for your usual Friday dinner date. you slide a ring box towards her.
at the bar while hanging out with buddies, the game on the big screen.
you look at her and say "hey baby let's get hitched."
8. The planning is done. The day is here. What are you wearing?
A traditional black tux with bowtie and tails. a single red rose in the lapel.
a black tux with accents that match her dress.
a black suit, no tie.
like the justice of peace cares what you wear to the courthouse.
9. It's time for the vows. What are your vows like?
Your vows are your own, you spent many nights getting them just right. You profess you undying love.
You wrote your own vows, quoting many poems about love.
Your Preacher had some already wrote up, you use those.
"I do." isn't a vow?
10. Honeymoon time. What happens now?
A trip to Italy! The culture, the food, the country side!
A trip to the Bahamas! Fun in the Sun, a non stop party!
A trip to Vegas BABY! Nothing says I love you like the sounds of slot machines!
"honey pass the remote wrestlin's on."
11. It's been one year! It's your first anniversary whats your plan?
A very traditional gift for your first anniversary. A photobook of all your snap shots from the wedding up till now.
A nice meal prepared by you, candles everywhere, low music. A night in.
A nice dinner out, the best resteraunt in town.
"I did the dishes last week, thats your present."
12. She tells you that she is pregnant. What is your reaction?
You start to cry and get excited all at once! Your insides are on fire with love for her and your baby. You start talking nursery and college.
You stare at her for a minute. Then it hits you someone will be calling you Daddy. You can't stop smiling.
You sit down before you fall down. You start sweating, is this what it's like to passout?
"cool, honey hand me the remote."

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