How 'Racist' Are You?

Racism, it would appear, is an ongoing problem. To complicate matters there seems to be confusion over what racism is, and some people think that some people cannot be racist.

Are you a racist? Most people, so it would seem, would say they ain't. Lets see what this quiz reveals about your level of racism. I'm not gonna describe this quiz as fun.

Created by: Azif Ucan
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. When it comes to 'race', how do you identify yourself and others?
Depends on skin color
Depends on language
Depends on 'culture'
There's only 1 race, human
Depends who I'm with
Depends on country i/they are from
4. Would you assume that someone is less intelligent than you if they come from a poorer country than you?
Depends which country
Only if I'm an A-star student
Only if they're not an A-star student
If they're an assylum seeker, then yes
5. Do you believe that some people cannot be racist because of their skin color?
The very idea is incredibly racist
In some cases, yes
Dunno, confused by the varying opinions
Skin color dictates everything
6. Do you deliberately choose to only associate with people that you perceive look like you?
Yes, it's how it should be
i would, but there are too many 'others'
Look like me how?
i only feel comfortable with my own kind
Only a racist would do that
7. Are you a 'racist'?
Yes i like motorsport
i can't be due to my skin color
Yes and proud of it
Everyone is
I'm not racist, i just don't like 'them'
The word is meaningless
8. Do you deliberately choose to avoid associating with people you perceive don't look like you?
Don't look like me how?
Yes, the 'others' are all racists
Yes, the 'others' are all criminals
Each one of us looks different
Each 'group' should shun the 'others'
9. Would you consider learning another language?
I've learned 2 or more so far
No, my language is superior to all others
i struggle with the 1 i have
i wouldn't rule it out
In the process of learning one
Only so i can know what 'they' are plotting
10. Are you quick to take offence when somebody you perceive as 'different' to you says or does something you don't like?
Different how?
We're all different
Yes, they should respect my 'race'
'they' shouldn't be here anyway
No, that'd be racist and stupid
'they' are defective so i don't get upset
11. Do you call out people of other 'races' who say or do things that you perceive disrespect your 'race'?
Impossible since there's only 1 race
Yes, we can't have 'them' putting us down
Yes, i see it as a duty to 'my' people
We must put 'them' in there place
No point, 'they' are incapable of learning
12. What do you think of this quiz?
It's racist
Quiz maker is obviously 1 of 'them'
Quiz maker is ignorant
13. Do you play the 'race' card?
All day, every day
When i need to
Since we're all human i see it as perverse
No, 'they' are always actually being racist
What card game has that?
14. What do you think will stop racism?
When 'they' no longer exist
When everyone realises there is only 1 race
When 'they' stop being 'racist'
It will never stop
When 'they' go back to where they came from
When 'they' say sorry for all the wrong they've done
15. How do you think anyone even accused of racism should be treated?
Death penalty
Years in prison
Innocent til proven guilty innit
Tarred and feathered
Shunned as scum
As heroes
16. How do you think someone convicted of racism should be treated?
With compassion, maybe they'll change
With contempt
As heroes
Fine and community service
Death penalty
17. Do you think people that say they cannot be racist are more racist than the average person?
No, because they cannot be racist
Generally they're the most racist
A racist is a racist fullstop
18. If you're sure you've been a victim of racism what would you do?
Riot and loot
Become a perpertrator of racism
Report it to the authorities
Make sure you're never a perpertrator of racism
A balanced response
19. Do you want racism to end?
No, i wallow in this conflict
Only with 'us' on top
No, we need this division
Only by all the 'others' no longer existing
Yes, we are 1 race, the human race
20. Do you call people 'racist' even when you know full well that they ain't?
Only if they've provoked me
'they' are ALL racist
No, it's a vile word
Only scum would do that
Yes, it gives me power over them
21. How do you view someone of your own 'race' who doesn't hold the same view on 'race' as you do?
Ignorant, if they believe there's more than 1 race
A traitor, it's our 'race' against the others
Matters not if they ain't extreme
Scum, if they don't think our race is superior
They are worse that the 'others'
Racist if they don't agree with diversity

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