How pretty are you?

Are you pretty or ugly? find out here! Do guys dig you or fing you repulsive? do you want to know? YES? Find out here!:) You know you want to! C'mon are you pretty or ugly?

Are you hot or WHAT!! This may not be completely accurate but it will be pretty close if you answer TRUTHFULLY!! so please don't lie or try to manipulate this test into saying you're pretty! Honesty is the best policy! ;)

Created by: Helayna
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What colour hair do you have??
Dark brown
Black or light brown
4. Do you have any facial features that are gross (e.g fat nose, large forehead)
Yeah!! its gross but no one else seems to notice it ..
Everyone always points it out and makes fun of it
I have my insecurities but nothing too EURGH!
I don't really study my face that deeply so I dunno
5. How fat are you? be honest (trust your friends opinions)
Super SUPER skinny. tiny.
I'm slim
A little chubby
6. Do you wear makeup?
Yeah, foundation and quite a bit of mascara and eyeliner
A bit- a touch of concealer and maybe mascara too
Nah I can never be bothered.
my face is so ugly it won't help
7. What would you wear to the mall/ shopping centre?
some jeans and a comfy jumper
a skirt and a cute top
something unique and stylish, usually vintage
anything thats clean- probably a football shirt and old jeans
8. Has anyone ever told you that you're pretty? be honest.
Yeah, my friends and my boyfriend
Yeah, some guys flirt with me or have told have one of my friends they think I'm hot
Yes, but it was the popular boy and he was doing it as a joke. He apologised afterwards.
No, I'm ugly
9. How often do you shower?
Once a week
Twice a week
Every other day
Only when people tell me that I smell bad
10. What's your skin like?
Luckily I never get spots :)
I only get the odd spot or two
I REALLY have bad acne );
Really greasy/ really dry as well as spots
11. Do you have nice eyelashes??
Yeah, but only because I put quite a bit of mascara on
I have naturally long and dark eyelashes but they look better when they're curled with mascara
Just average I guess :)
Mine are really short/thin/blonde
Nah I always pull them out sub-consciously
12. How much sleep do you get each night on average?
Over 10 hours
7-10 hours
5-6 hours
4 hours or less
13. Do you have a healthy lifestyle? How many of these do you have: healthy diet, lots of exercise, drink plenty of water, lots of sleep, good skin care/hygeine
14. You stand out from a crowd because...?
I am so ugly and fat
I am pretty
My sense of style is unique ;)
I have long dark hair (or something along those lines) !
I don't stand out from the crowd...
15. BOO !!
aah !
haha you made me jump! :)
huh ?
16. Don't worry about the last question! lol :) So what did you think of the quiz! Thanks for participating!
It was cool!
I liked it !
Please let it be OVER!
Just average I guess ..

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