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JR45 said:
Nov 17 '13, 4:25AM

Before you call me a chav learn the difference between 'were' and 'wear'. I might not be posh but at least I can speak English!

DPass said:
Nov 17 '13, 3:50AM

It says I am not a chav, learning to ride a horse might help? I own and run a riding school and have 28 horses.I won a team gold medal in Rome and was European Champion in 1988.

ladypatsy said:
Nov 16 '13, 4:14PM

The quiz was just a bit of 'fun', but as others have stated - at least get the Grammar correct!! As has been pointed out previously Grammar schools were not even mentioned. In the end this quiz is farcical!!

Grahamkswilson said:
Nov 16 '13, 3:07PM

Not very literate! Wear not were.
Quiz null and void!

Audbol said:
Nov 16 '13, 2:44PM

It should be wear not were and marvellous has two ls not one. So maybe I'm posher than you think!

pinkgorilla said:
Nov 16 '13, 2:20PM

this fatuous quiz is helping to perpetuate the class differences which it assumes to mock, in the same way as the book "the Sloane Rangers handbook" or some such name, did in the early eighties. Class distinction is no joke - joking about it is a way of dismissing it as irrelevant - and it is very relevant. We live in an unequal society and that is bad for everybody - I suggest you use your imagination to think of ways of closing the difference between the haves and have-nots.

Rosie13 said:
Nov 16 '13, 1:35PM

It's official I'm common as muck !!

me2 said:
Nov 16 '13, 12:07PM

One could not be more incorrect!
A person's social background is not relative to their level of intellect.
Can you spell "classist, discriminative poppycock"?
Quizmaster can't even decipher between " were " and " wear".

grammarpolice said:
Nov 16 '13, 9:20AM

OK posh I'm not - however, I do know that I wear shoes. Learn to speak English Bruv!

touchofclass said:
Nov 16 '13, 9:10AM

Wear is not spelt 'were' so you're definitely not posh. I went to a grammar school for girls but no grammar schools were included.
I already know how to ride a horse yet was told to learn to ride.

shadowblue said:
Nov 16 '13, 8:47AM

"Wear" is not spelt "were"

The school choices made no sense

Not all of us use supermarkets, what about local shops?

The final score didn't take account of my answers - I already know how to ride a horse.

I thik you need to be posh in the first place before you ask other people whether they are.

mommashouse said:
Nov 16 '13, 7:58AM

I suggest you go back to school and learn English!

brenw said:
Nov 16 '13, 6:44AM

Hm it told me I am not really an Englishman. NO I am a WOMAN! pathetic, as are the spelling mistakes in the questions. Must try harder.

Nanny B said:
Nov 16 '13, 4:26AM

BFES Schools outside the UK are classed as ? Most of the fee paying schools full of oligarchs kids so they are full of heathen foreigners,
The true definitions of posh are whether you know how to hold and use a knife and fork correctly , if you have and use a milk jug rather than putting the milk bottle on the table, if you read a quality newspaper, if you are polite and kind to all all classes of society and if you know that a trifle does not contain jelly.

Spiv said:
Nov 16 '13, 4:24AM

Inaccurate, not even fun and therefore a pointless exercise. My "8% posh" rating came attached with some advice to 'learn English'. How ironic.

Tinnles said:
Nov 15 '13, 8:07AM

Doesn't really work for women, does it? Or people who went to direct grant schools.

Lead facilitator said:
Nov 14 '13, 4:15PM

At least get the spelling correct in quiz questions!

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