How Posh Are You?

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Wizard_Hunter_Hi said:
Sep 7 '16, 4:33PM

Say iPhone three times then repost on another quiz. Tonight look under your pillow.

Smileylover10 said:
Jul 15 '16, 1:09AM

If You Were A DemiGod, What Power Would You Have?
Your Result: Son/Daughter Of Poseidon

Poseidon's children are stronger than most Demigods as their Father is one of the Big Three. Most of them have power over his domain with the capacity to generate earthquakes and hurricanes and control and create water. They can also communicate telepathically with equine and sea creatures since Poseidon created horses.

100%Son/Daughter Of Apollo

100%Son/Daughter Of Aphrodite

75%Son/Daughter Of Ares

75%Son/Daughter Of Athena

50%Son/Daughter Of Hephaestus

50%Son/Daughter Of Zeus

50%Son/Daughter Of Hermes

50%Son/Daughter Of Hades

25%Son/Daughter Of Dionysus

J Mason said:
Apr 24 '16, 3:13PM

I'm 0% Posh but then again I'm from Northern England and used to hearing and seeing Chavs.

GenevieveS said:
Apr 11 '16, 12:38AM

hi! they said i was chav! i dont really mind though.

Emily_Yas04 said:
Jan 17 '16, 12:53PM

I'm definitely not a 'chav' I think you should change your questions and answers.

FullWolfMoon said:
Jan 14 '16, 5:25PM

Excuse me, but I am not gunna learn to be posh I am in Australia for goodness sake, have you heard of ANYONE use the word MARVALLOUS in a serious sentance? (sorry if you do) and I am not sorry if I am ''chav'' and what is ''bruv'' :I :I :I

Deadbush123 said:
Jan 12 '16, 2:39PM

I am 0% posh and I knew that. The result also told me to learn English and I am Hal English in fact I am speaking English NOW.

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