How popular are you? (For Girls in School)

Popular, unpopular...which are you? How will you ever know who you truly are? Can you make an impact on someone's life by saying hello? Would it be good or bad? How will you ever know?

Are YOU popular? Take this quiz and find out. You may be, you may not...could someone secretly envy you for your friends and fame? Or do you go unnoticed? Take this quiz!

Created by: Teacup
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. So, let's say you just transfer to a new school/college. How do you feel walking into the main hallway?
Well, like any normal person. A bit nervous, shy, kind of afraid of what will happen and what others will think of me...
Confident, calm, and chipper. My three C's.
Conceited, clamy, and crying. My three C's.
Ugh. I just want to get it over with.
4. You accidentally run into the Vice Principal, who reaches out his hand and introduces himself as Ted. What do you do?
With the widest grin I can bare, I hardily but gently shake his hand and introduce myself as well. If he wants to introduce himself with such a pleasant manor, he must've known I was coming and prepared.
I softly say hello and introduce myself. He must've known I was a new student.
Sarcastically say, "Oh, hi!! I'm new here, so thanks for the introduction! I just love your school!" Then say, "It's so amazing I wanna puke." in my normal tone and walk away. I mean, whatever.
Meekly shake his hand and whisper hi, then quickly walk away. What if someone saw me? I cannot possibly have anyone notice me...
5. Let's say your first class is Biology, and you walk in the classroom to find three guys making a frog supposed to be used for dissecting dance across their laps. How do you handle the situation?
Like a mature adult. I yell at them for acting like baboons and respectably call over the teacher to witness this treacherous disrespect towards innocent frogs who want to die in peace, but cannot with these beasts parading them around like puppets. Then, for a touch of sorrow, sob into my shoulder as the teacher rats them out.
Silently make your way to the corner and hide behind your binder. What if one of them throws it at you?
Make a witty comment and give them a chuckle before they get caught and get sent to the principal.
If one of them is cute, compliment them for their 'maturity'. If not, snicker and sit down with a clunk. I mean, whatever.
6. Next you have gym, and have to go into the locker room. But wait! forgot deodorant. What do you do?
Either ignore it or comment on someone else's 'fragrance'. I mean, whatever.
Ignore it. It's not like everyone is going to come over and sniff your pits.
Forget about the deodorant, what about getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers?? I quickly make my way to the showers were I can dress in peace. No need for any wandering eyes to catch my Winnie the Pooh undies.
Pretend like I did put deodorant on and go in there with a huge grin. As a little touch, I raise my arms, take a whiff, smile pleasantly and say, "Ahh. What a fresh scent." But not too weirdly.
7. Next class is French, and...wait, French?!? There must have been some mix up, because you are TERRIBLE at French and will surely fail. What do you do?
Ha. I laugh at such an accusation. That would never happen, since I am exceedingly brilliant, and would never fail a class. Foolish.
I decide to go to the office and ask for a student schedule. Maybe I got mixed up with someone else...
Who cares. I'm failing every class anyway. What would a double minus after the F do? I mean, like, whatever.
Oh, I can't decide! I could ditch to the bathroom and ball my eyes out, but I would get in trouble, or I could go to class and ball my eyes out, but people would notice me. I could go to the office and ball my eyes out, but I would be sent back to class anyways. I could pretend to be sick, but once I got home, the guilt would make me ball my eyes out and I would be screwed. Oh, what do I do?!?!
8. It ends up you got your schedule mixed up with another girl your age, who ends up to be in pretty much the exact same classes as you (besides French). You decide you want to meet her. How do you introduce yourself?
"Hey. I'm ________. I'm also bored with you. I mean, whatever."
"Hello, fellow pupil. My name is _______, and I am brilliant. Now, since I have recognized you are taking most of the same classes as I am, you qualify to be my friend. Of course, you want to be my friend, but until you earn the rank of best friend, I will pencil you in as 'acquittance'. Now, what is your name?"
"Hi, I'm _________. I'm new here, and I'm just getting to know everybody."
"Um...uh, h-hi. I, uh, um....I-I-eeeee....GOTTA PEE!!!!"
9. She says her name is Hailey, and she asks you a little about yourself, and it seems you two have a lot in common. How do you say goodbye?
Nothing. I just leave.
"Ok, see ya."
"Um, ok. Uh...bye..." then, I go to go pee.
"Alright, acquittance. You will next see me on the national spelling bee, if you do watch it tonight. Though it is just a rerun, all of my new acquittances are required to watch it every other month on this exact Tuesday. What a coincidence!"
10. What color is your hair.
Whatever color I want it to be.
Blonde, red.
Black, Brown.
11. Pick a letter.
12. Did you like this quiz?
Of course not. It was illogical and irrelevant.
Sure, yeah.
Yes. (anything to not get you angry...)

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