How Polish Are You?

Do you know and love everything about Poland? Or are you convinced that Poland is a land where all they do is train builders, plumbers and waitresses? Find out here

This is a 14 question quiz to find out how much you really know about Poland, Polish life, Polish people -- and there is one Polish word in the quiz too.

Created by: John Kingston
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3. A good use for poppy seeds is:
Filling for a cake
Sprinkling on bread and butter
Inhaling them
Throwing them on the dance floor to make loud crunching sounds
Microwaving them so they explode
4. What would you sing on your (Polish) friend’s birthday?
Happy Birthday
For he's a jolly good fellow
The day you were born was a very special day
May you live to be 100
May you rise up and conquer your enemies
5. Christmas isn't Christmas without:
Fried or jellied carp
A clean house
Santa Claus
Polish Christmas pudding
6. Name five alcoholic spirit drinks
Whisky, gin, brandy, vodka and rum
Bunnachabhain, Talisker, Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Glenmorangie
Tequila, Cognac, Mezcal, Morgan’s and Jack Daniels
Cherry vodka, bison grass vodka, pepper vodka, honey vodka and rose petal vodka
Separately, or all in one glass?
7. You have been invited to a Polish wedding, and then to stay at a friend’s house afterwards. What two things should you take?
A beautifully wrapped gift for the wedding and another for your friend
A ‘pot luck’ bowl of food to the wedding and another for your friend
A card for the wedding and a bottle of wine
A bunch of flowers for the wedding and a pair of slippers
Coloured rice for the wedding and a board game
8. If you had Kasha in your hand, would you:
Mop the floor with it
Eat it
Kiss her
Spend it
Show your hand to a doctor
9. The Christmas season ends on:
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Year's Day
January 6th
February 2nd
10. If you are an older gentleman greeting a young lady, would you
Shake her hand?
Kiss her hand?
High five her?
Bow to her?
Say "Hello" from at least an arm's length away?
11. Poland was once:
Bigger than modern France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria put together
Wiped off the map completely
Further east than it is now
Almost completely conquered by a Swedish army
All of these answers are correct
12. Where is the best view of Warsaw obtained from?
At the top of the Palace of Culture, because it’s the only place in Warsaw where you can’t see the Palace of Culture
The Branicki Palace
The Royal Castle
The Old Town
The top of the Marriott hotel
13. Easter Monday is also known as:
Break-fast Monday
Happy Monday
Wet Monday
Holiday Monday
Chocolate Monday
14. Poland's greatest modern hero is:
Robert Lewandowski
Lech Walesa
Frederick Chopin
Marie Curie
Pope John Paul II
15. Guests are:
Extremely welcome – we even put out an extra seat at some mealtimes
Fairly welcome, if they've had their tea
Only welcome if they can pay in dollars
Not welcome -- we only just got rid of the Russian soldiers
The Polish word for 'guest' is the same as the word for 'barbarian'
16. Poles think that Shkoda (you spell it Skoda) is a funny name for a car. That's because Shkoda means:
What a pity
Ice cream

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