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haley said:
May 7 '08, 3:43PM

HAHA I got an 85% and I'm not even from Pittsburgh!!!! I'm from New Joizey!! :]

Jomama said:
May 1 '08, 3:42PM

I was born in Pittsburgh, but thank God we moved out of there. GO BROWNS!!! Pittsburgh sucks!

beena said:
Apr 25 '08, 3:05PM

born and raised in da burg we can take the heat cause we are the Steelers- Pirates and The Pens-We eat Pramanti samitches and we drink "Irons" More Steeler Bars than any other in cities across the nation To all you Jagger-asses and Jag -offs that don't like us Come-on dauntawn an at and we will change your tune

pittsfartsdicks said:
Apr 23 '08, 7:01PM

I took a dump on the floor and rolled around in it, tasted a dick for a while, then I suffocated a baby in a plastic bag! I'M SOOOO PITTSBURGH!

adriana said:
Apr 20 '08, 3:50PM

ya trick ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!im 100% from pittsburgh thats sooooooooo kool yay meeeeeeee.....:)

juniecat said:
Apr 16 '08, 11:34PM

I haven't lived in the Burgh for 40 years but I know how to speak & understand Pittsburghese. I got 100%

warsucksletsparty said:
Apr 7 '08, 4:03PM

I'm french and i live in France and it says that i'm 51% Pittsburgh....

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