How PA Dutch are you?

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tsimahei said:
Dec 5 '15, 5:19AM

Ich bin nicht Dutch, auf ich bin einer Indianer Dietsch auf Nescopeck!

KrimanalTaDragon said:
Feb 1 '14, 4:55PM

how is this about being pa dutch?

NoOneThatMatters said:
May 2 '13, 7:36PM

This isn't a quiz about the PA Dutch people. This is a quiz to see how little you really care about a s--- town no one cares about named Lititz. Next time try talking about stuff other than what's in Littitz.

EmraldYE said:
Mar 23 '13, 6:48PM

Lititz ROCKS! And I knew these questions!!! How did I get a 59%? WHAT. THE. CRAP. And I disagree with the first 3. LITITZ WON COOLEST SMALL TOWN IN AMERICA 2013 and it deserves it! Don't criticize Lititz! Although little t**s is kinda funny. :)

someonenew said:
Mar 18 '10, 2:06AM

This quiz sucked pretty bad. The person that made this quiz doesn't realize there's more to PA Dutch than Littitz.

alethiakaisophia said:
Feb 28 '08, 12:43AM

i agree with noopers! i can tell u all about shoo-fly pie, hogmaw, scrapple, etc... so what if i don't live in lititz!

noopers8303 said:
Jan 9 '08, 1:34PM

All the PA Dutch people don't live in the Lititz area, thank you. How about more questions about food and less about what landmarks are there?

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