How New Jersey Are You?

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Sweet Lou said:
Oct 22 '07, 11:28PM

South Jersey is barely New Jersey. If you cheer for a Philadelphia team, you need serious help, especially the Flyers. Being a Flyers fan, however, still isn't as bad as being a Rangers fan. Rangers supporters should be deported from New Jersey.

mizzesty said:
Oct 22 '07, 3:32PM

Not fair...the quiz is more for those from North Jersey. What about us South Jersy natives!!!

Bsammyr said:
Oct 18 '07, 9:14PM

guess i have been out of Jersey to long! born and raised there but scored a 36% LOL

12cwatki said:
Oct 13 '07, 10:35AM

omg sportagus from lazy town!!!!!!!! omg omg i love that show! oh and i'm not very new jersey at all

glinwyn said:
Oct 11 '07, 4:18PM

Do you still keep your car ashtray full of quarters and dimes 'cause you think EZ Pass is a scam and conspiracy???

Spartacus5 said:
Oct 10 '07, 4:08AM

This quiz is amazing it ets to the tea it is funny saddly I moved out of the state but would like to comw back

Jason said:
Sep 29 '07, 1:19PM

Born and raised in New Jersey, and this quiz nails it. There's no other state I'd rather live in. Jersey pride! =D

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