How much of a Wiganer are you?

Wigan is loved by all who are from it. Famous for many things: rugby, footy, pies, lingo, friendliness.... All round northern charm... Oh and a pier and mr. formby.

Take the test and see if you could pass on the streets of Wigan as one of there own. ..Are you a true northern lad or lass....or an upper crust ass... find out now.

Created by: Chris
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1. Do you like black peas
2. Wigan is traditionally a
rugby town
football town
3. Lobbies is....
potato pie without the crust...with a few adjustments
a sweet or desert
a chicken filled pie
4. George Formby played the
5. Thup yonder means....
up the street...up there
round the corner and turn left
right here in front of me
6. Barm cake is a
a sweet cream filled.cake
a bread like bun
cheese cake
7. Pea wet is....
juice from peas usually put over chips
a fruity drink
8. Wigans beloved and famous sweet is
pear drops
uncle joes mint balls
9. Wiganers are referred to as..
crisp eaters
cake eaters
pie eaters
10. Chorving means...
annoying someone
rubbing hands together

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