How much of a STAR WARS buff are you

It takes a Fair bit to be a star wars buff. you must have watched each of the movies 3 times, played at least 2 of the games and have visited wookiepedia before. take this test to see how informed you are about the basics of Star Wars Knowledge

WARNING! this is a test on basic SW knowledge. it does not delve into all the different stories of all the different characters, as there are billions of people in the star wars universe, each with their own story. to become a true star wars fan, just devote some of your time each week to learning about starwars, wether it be by watching the movies, or surfing the internet. in the end, nobody knows everything there is to know about starwars, it is just too big. but that doesnt stop you from enjoying every thing you can learn, and learning it well. May the Force be with You.

Created by: Benjamin
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1. What was the name of the original star wars film?
A new hope
The empire strikes back
return of the jedi
the phantom menace
attack of the clones
revenge of the sith
2. what is the name of the first aliens that are shown in A New Hope?
Tusken Raiders
Mon Calamaris
3. what was the first "prequel" called?
a new hope
the empire strikes back
return of the jedi
the phantom menace
attack of the clones
revenge of the sith
4. here is were it gets harder - what was lukes uncle owen seeking to purchase from the jawas on tatooine.
bounty hunters
good china
a new house
5. what is the name of the character who appears unchanged throughout all 6 movies?
chuck norris
6. who killed the emperor in return of the jedi?
a stormtrooper
han solo
princess leia
darth vader
7. who introduced luke to the force?
qui-gon jinn
he taught himself
8. a little harder - how did mace windu die?
anakin killed him
the emporer killed him
obi wan killed him
han solo killed him
Darth Revan killed Him
the ground killed him.
9. on which planet did padme die?
cato nemoidia
she died on an asteroid
10. were did anakin and padme meet?
on a spaceship
on a moon
on nar shaddaa
on tatooine
in a small box
11. Beyond the movies - who was the main protagonist of the original Knights of the Old Republic?
han solo
Darth Revan
vaders apprentice
Obi Wan
chuck norris
12. what was the real name of Vaders apprentice in the force unleashed?
Oola Fadara
Jango Fett
Galen Marek
Luke skywalker
biggs darklighter
chuck norris
13. what was the name of revans ship?
the Ebon Hawk
the leviathin
the millenium Falcon
the death star
the executor
the enterprise
14. just for fun - what is the name of my favorite star wars villain.
Darth Vader
The Emporer
Darth Revan
Darth Nihilus
Darth Sion
Boba Fett
15. THE FINAL QUESTION!!!!! what famous non-starwars alien appears in The Phantom Menace?
the Predator
an Alien (from the Alien quadrilogy)
chuck norris

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