how much of a Glee fan are you?

Glee. the hit musical/comedy that has critics raving. nominated for 4 golden globe awards, it is a show to have many begging for more! each week millions tuned in to see new episodes of the smash hit that swept the nation off its feet.

how well do you know Glee? are you a faithful fan? do you think you paid enough attention to answer these simple 15 questions? if you consider yourself a true fan, then GO! BLAZE THROUGH THESE QUESTIONS LIKE ANY GLEE FAN WOULD!!

Created by: Milk N Cookies
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1. what state does the show take place?
new jersey
2. what is the name of the high school that it takes place in?
william mckinley high
abe lincoln high
pleasant high
san francisco high
3. who is the glee club coach?
sue sylvester
emma pillsbury
ken tanaka
will schuester
4. what happens to quinn during the series?
her mother dies
she gets pregnant
she breaks her leg
5. who has secret feelings for one another?
quinn and artie
emma and will
finn and mercedes
tina and finn
6. what is the first closing song they sing?
my life would suck without you
dont stop believin
proud mary
7. how many total episodes are there in the first season?
8. why does mr schuester leave his wife?
she cheated on him
she sold his car
she lied about her pregnancy
he didnt
9. what is emma pillsbury's mental disorder?
manic depression
mysophobia(fear of germs)
schizophrenia(i think i spelled that right lolol)
10. what are the cheeleaders called?
the pep girls
the cheerios
the 5 star cherleaders
11. who is the glee club's arch nemesis?
emma pillsbury
terri schuester
ken tanaka
sue sylvester
12. what dance does kurt use to win the football game?
crank that soulja boy
stanky leg
cupid shuffle
single ladies dance
the thriller
13. who does rachel have feelings for?
14. what is the last song they sing?
my life would suck without you
push it
dont rain on my parade
15. finally, who ends the season with a kiss?
artie and tina
finn and quinn
finn and rachel
emma and will
mercedes and artie

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