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  • I was born in the north and raised in the south and I got 18%, my friend that lives in Tennessee and only lived here for five years got 50 something.... Am I missing something?

    Thatveyniac Aug 24 '14, 11:09PM
  • Got a 91%.
    Woulda gotten an 100% but I was distracted by having to lynch a guy.

    mericafyeah Apr 22 '14, 11:14AM
  • This quiz is useless. My family has been in GA since 1706 and I got 64%.

    TRUEgaMAN Apr 15 '14, 9:21PM
  • I got a 25% and i've never left georgia in my whole life... im 28

    Jampa_Mason Feb 23 '14, 1:44PM
  • 0%. Well duh, I live in Texas!

    ZaylaShipper Feb 3 '14, 1:59AM
  • This is so interesting! I rated an 85%! I have only lived in Georgia for 6 yrs! I guess I'm a fast learner!

    myashtanga Nov 22 '13, 9:33PM
  • whomever wrote this could have at least included the Georgia Dawgs in the list of football teams.. hell, when it rated me and said watch the 'Dogs' kick the Gators ass, they messed up. Should've said Dawgs! Now I take offense at that

    Jillene0030 Oct 30 '13, 1:25PM

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