How much of a Georgian are you?

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Jazzy298 said:
Dec 28 '15, 11:03PM

Jersey does rule! I wish I was from Jersey. If people don't think I know the full name its New Jersey

Jazzy298 said:
Dec 28 '15, 10:59PM

This really sucks, I've lived in hinesville Georgia all my life yet I'm not a georgian.

That's so freakin sad!!!!!!!!!!

jjjjjdjfjwhf said:
Oct 18 '15, 9:17PM

this sucks!!!!! im in Georgia!!!!!!!! STUPID

jjjjjdjfjwhf said:
Oct 18 '15, 9:16PM

this sucks im from Georgia!!!!! I know it full

eboy said:
Sep 29 '15, 11:25AM

From New Jersey and forced to live in Georgia 15 years now...40%..OMG, am I being assimilated, absorbed, drawn in to the mayhem....I think NOT!...shove your test...Jersey rules!

Idontreallycare said:
Jul 9 '15, 4:08AM

Um... I got 19%?! I was born in Georgia than you! We say tah-may-toe and tah-may-ter does it even matter? I'm a Georgia peach for your info! And how ya supposed to know what rapper came from Georgia? Explain please!! And BTW john Deere is a tractor name and its printed on clothes and anything!

dayday said:
Jun 16 '15, 5:58PM

I was raised in chicago so not so worried

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