How much of a Georgian are you?

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rvelez said:
Sep 2 '14, 11:03PM


Oh? I've been here in GA my whole life.

Thatveyniac said:
Aug 24 '14, 11:09PM

I was born in the north and raised in the south and I got 18%, my friend that lives in Tennessee and only lived here for five years got 50 something.... Am I missing something?

mericafyeah said:
Apr 22 '14, 11:14AM

Got a 91%.
Woulda gotten an 100% but I was distracted by having to lynch a guy.

TRUEgaMAN said:
Apr 15 '14, 9:21PM

This quiz is useless. My family has been in GA since 1706 and I got 64%.

Jampa_Mason said:
Feb 23 '14, 1:44PM

I got a 25% and i've never left georgia in my whole life... im 28

ZaylaShipper said:
Feb 3 '14, 1:59AM

0%. Well duh, I live in Texas!

myashtanga said:
Nov 22 '13, 9:33PM

This is so interesting! I rated an 85%! I have only lived in Georgia for 6 yrs! I guess I'm a fast learner!

Jillene0030 said:
Oct 30 '13, 1:25PM

whomever wrote this could have at least included the Georgia Dawgs in the list of football teams.. hell, when it rated me and said watch the 'Dogs' kick the Gators ass, they messed up. Should've said Dawgs! Now I take offense at that

stoltzfusgreen said:
Oct 23 '13, 5:22PM

Y'all are pitiful GeorgIans. I scored 94%. Bless your hearts.

pattycake said:
Oct 18 '13, 7:42PM

I was born and reared in Murray County, Georgia. I have lived in Murray county 54 of my 70 years.Maybe the person who created the quiz is one of them yankee fellers and just doesen't know as much about Georgia as he thinks he does.

sav54 said:
Aug 25 '13, 6:52PM

I'm from Savannah...coastal Ga. I guess that's why I didn't rate so high...never owned a ask me 'bout fishin or shrimpin and I'm way up there

hottweelz said:
Aug 13 '13, 12:19AM

Notice everyone complaining about the quiz and claiming to be "born and raised in Georgia" can't type, spell, and form a sentence? Hell one guy tried correcting his comment, with another comment and failed at that as well.

Go Georgia!

gabornandbred said:
Apr 16 '13, 1:35PM

75% ha i was born and raised here and live here all 57years! you would think i would be 100%

TrixieinDixie said:
Feb 23 '13, 2:46PM

I scored a bit higher here than those complaining, but then again, I'm just like they are - native of Georgia. These quizzes are cute, but the questions are weirdly skewed for either very young or very old residents, and then there are those that are meant to be funny, but don't really have a thing to do with being a real native. Most of us from ATL are not terribly southern.

timeandtide said:
Feb 10 '13, 7:04PM

I rated at 67% Georgian and I was born in Georgia and have lived here all 47 years of my life. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents and beyond are all Georgia natives. How much more Georgian can you get. Terrible quiz

mya403 said:
Jan 25 '13, 11:12PM

28%! really! Im an ancestor of James Oglethorpe and i do not approve of this guiz. I have and my ancestors except james and his wofe himself and herself were born and raosed in georgia and just because i dont talk siuthern dosent mean im not a southern person. Yes i talk like im from Nevada but whp f---in cares

mhfoldsjr said:
Sep 15 '12, 11:16PM

I was born & raised in Georgia as were my mom and dad and I rate only 57% as a Georgian!?!

Oh well, what the heck! I love Georgia!!!


alex014 said:
Jul 13 '12, 10:31PM

K, first off, you ain't from georgia. "Bless his/her heart is what people say about stupid people w/o hurting them." I don't live in the country, And I was only north of virginia twice. ATL REPRESENT

sjah519 said:
Jul 9 '12, 3:44PM

48%? Born and raised here, both parents from here, and only been north of Virginia once in my life. come on now.

ilovedogs said:
Jul 6 '12, 10:55AM

WOW! 31% really?! i was raised and born here! well maybe it's because of my mom because she is from new york!

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