How much of a Dragon are you?

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Almost everyone has a part of them that is a dragon. An extra intuitive sense, a habit of growling at someone who is annoying you. Maybe it shows up in the form of a fascination with dragons, or an unshakable belief that they exist.

But how much of a dragon are YOU? Do you have the Blessing of the Dragonchild? Are you or will you become a Dragonfriend? I tried to make this quiz as accurate as possible, to tell you how strong your inner dragon is. I hope you enjoy it!

Created by: StormWing

  1. Do you like dragons?
  2. Do you believe dragons and other mythical creatures are real?
  3. Which of these is one of your favorite elements?
  4. Someone attacks you. What do you do?
  5. Youve wished you could...
  6. Do you believe in the Blessing of the Dragonchild?
  7. What would you look for in a (soul)mate?
  8. Lets role play for a minute. Youve been transported to a magical land, where pretty much anything is possible. There is a war going on, and you are helping the side who recruited you. What does your battle outfit look like?
  9. We are going to keep this scenario for a few more questions. What type of decorations are on your armor?
  10. What is your weapon?
  11. Ok, were done role playing. When annoyed or mad at someone, have you ever snapped, growled, or straight out roared?
  12. What kind of areas would you like to live in, if you could? (This means if you were physically ABLE to)
  13. Do you like meat? (Like the only thing you like to eat)
  14. Do you have sharper senses than most other people?
  15. Do you feel like a dragon or like you know dragons?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Dragon am I?