How much of a dare devil are you?

There are a lot of dare devils in this world, now you can see if YOU are the ultimate dare devil, good may need it!!!!after all who knows what score you could get????

are You a dare devil? do you have the bravery to manage not just phisical, but mental challenges aswell? lets see shall we???? if i havn't already said this then..good luck

Created by: Imogen
1. What is your age?
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18 to 24 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. you're at one side of a train track and a train is about to cross, you would...
wait until it is safe to cross
walk across, you don't care what happens as long as you look cool
what...there was a train?
jump in front of it just for the hell of it
push your friend in to see what happens, at least it's not you who gets hurt right?
give the driver the finger as he passes by
4. your at a party and a huge fght brakes out,you..
join and and get ready to kick some ass
try to brake it up
pour a glass of punch over this random guys head to start a fight of your own
what..there was a fight?
run out the party screaming
push your friend into the fight and laugh at the results
5. your mum grounds you for a month because you got into deep, deep trouble at school and you find it so damn boring without t.v, playstaion or computer etc you would..
don't give a rats ass about what your mum says and do whatever you want anyway
except the punishment that has just been layed apon you
have a massive arguement with your mum to find out that you just gave her a blackeye
what... i was grounded?
disguise your friend as you so they get into trouble instead
give her the puppy dog look
6. You go out to town to find out you've got no money what do you do?
steel anything that looks cool
accept the fact you don't have any money and wait for next time
drag yourself along the floor because you can't buy anything (dramaticly of coasrse)
what...i went to town?
get your friend to give you there money
go on a killing massacure becuase you don't have any money to spend
7. you and you'r friends climb on a wall to find that it is acually about 7ft steep you..
jump off to see what happens
push you'r freind off to see if it's ok
climb down VERY carefully
what..i was on a wall?
ring someone to get you down
curse your friend and blame them for the fact that you're up here
8. you see a drink on the ground with no label what do you do?
try it and see if it's poison or not
leave it alone
spray it in someones eyes, and watch them squirm!
what...there was an unlabeled drink?
get your friend to try it
ask some random person if they want 'your' drink
9. You come to work late because your alarm clock didn't go off what would you say?
aliens abducted me this morning
the truth
i was to caught up in my reading
what..i was late for work?
blame it on your friend
slap your boss round the face and run out laughing
10. is this quiz getting boring now?
yes,but i wanna know what i got
no not really
yes! i should beat the s--- out of you!
11. school is getting a SO boring now and you wish you could go home, what to you do?
pull a sicky
pull a sicky with your friends
what... i'm at school?
stay in shcool
jump out the window
get yourself sent out so you don't have to do any work
12. you have this test that you havn't studied for, what would you do?
flunk it you don't give a dam about any stinkin test
try your hardest and hope you get a good mark
look at it and just walk out the room
what..i have a test?
copy off your friend
give your teacher the finger so she can send you out and give you more time to study

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