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  • Hahaha I'm only 30% of a b!tch.

    lucindamae Jun 22 '11, 10:22PM
  • You are 17% Bittch!

    Well your on your way to being a Bittch! Just a few more years! I suggest you calm it down. It really doesn't pay to be a bittch. People stop liking you and it can be awfully lonely!

    Funny Cuz Im The Nicest Person Yuh'll Probably Evar Meet....


    oxSierraxo Jun 11 '11, 6:57PM
  • b---- are you kidding me are you f*c**ng kidding. Calling me cruel is not right. ~flips you off~

    bad angel May 31 '11, 10:30PM
  • laly223, if you are going to spam with Chain messages that NEVER WORK, at least spell read right. It is not ready, ready would be used like this: Are you ready to go back to 2nd grade?

    Agar Man May 29 '11, 1:38AM
  • You are 73% Bittch!

    I can't believe it! Your almost a full bittch! I know you just sit there and think of ways to be a bittch! How Pathetic is that! You must be awful lonely! Cruelty hurts! Bittch!
    yah ima b---- yay i

    usrname May 21 '11, 11:29AM
  • Im 70% b---- and I didn't even answer some of them correctly

    MalorieMoon May 17 '11, 7:18PM
  • You are 85% Bittch!

    Wow! Your nothing but a big bad Bittch! How cruel can you be? Bittch!! Wonder what your mommy did to you growing up! She must not of shown you enough loving! Your a nothing but a total Bittch! There is not one decent bone in your body!

    damn straight. but everyone stills loves me :)

    JulzBaby May 15 '11, 2:41PM

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