How much like Hitler are you?

Adolf Hitler...a truly dispicable man. If you have a thing for being dispicable, this is the quiz for you. In 1889 in Branau inn the worlds most renound, power-seeking politician was born. In 1920, he created the National Socialist Party. In 1939 he invaded Poland and the main part of the Endlosung started and in 1945 he finally died.

If you like the idea of being like him (despite the lack of affection) you should do this quiz. But I'm warning you, if you get 100% you will also get a visit by the police...or was that the Gestapo...

Created by: Candy Milo
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1. If you were trapped in a bathroom with Joseph Stalin you would...
Beat him to a pulp
Ask him why he started the war
Kindly come to agreements with him
Slap him in the face with a glove
Hide your face and pretend that you don't know him
Say a kind 'Hello!' to him
2. You think Jews are...
Disgusting untermensch
What are Jews?
I think they're fantastic
I AM a Jew
Who even is Hitler anyway?
They should be completley iradicated
3. What is your favourite colour?
Red, as it is the background of the swastika
4. If a man threatened to hang you, you would...
Politley tell him to go away
Point out the fact to him that you are Fuhrer and the Gestapo will kill him in a week
Slap him with a glove
Tell him that he is 'unworthy' of life
Give him advice on good psychiatrists
Invite him to have a civilised cup of tea with you
5. If you had to see a doctor, you would...
Tell him/her to not order you around
Ask him/her warily if it is to change your eye-colour
Run away
Invite him/her for a cup of tea after the appointment
Steal all the equipment in the room
Yell at him/her as soon as him/her spoke
6. You think meat is...
Completely inedable
Meat is long as it isn't pork
Human meat is my favourite
The only good thing on a dinner plate
Quite good for experimentation
7. Do you wear shorts?
I hate showing my knees
Erm...a NORMAL question would be good
Why do you ask?
Yes, often
It's too cold in my country to wear them
8. What do you think of your granfather?
Really kind
Um...he died
He makes an awsome BBQ
What's a grandfather...oh you mean pop?
Horrible individual
Love him
9. Your mental ilness is...
Chronic depression
I hate to break it to you...but I don't have a mental ilness
10. Poo...
That is not a question, child
Who wrote this? A monkey?
My favourite
What mental ilness do YOU have?
haha! You're funny
Get a life

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