How much fun are you?!

Sometimes in life we find ourselfs asking why we have fun with some people and not with others. Yet at the same time we wonder if those people are having fun with us or if they are FAKING it! Fun is whatever makes you feel good and have a great time and no matter what others think. But can you cross over to extend a good time to a friend?

Find out here! This quiz has had some serious thought and even a little help with psychological expertise to decipher weather or not your a killer party friend, or a party killer!

Created by: Allea of myspace
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Have you ever got drunk and went skinny dipping with more than one friend?
Last week mammas!
A few days ago but not NAKED!
I would never take my clothes off what if someone got hurt or we got arrested?!
Are girls/guys gonna be on my jock afterwards? Yeah I like that danger high?
4. When a friend is down for ANY reason, what is your plan of attack?
F--- that! I have party to plan!
Console them and let them know they have a shoulder to cry on. Ask them if they want me to come over.
Take them out and let them complain on the way to the club/bar/bowling alley and make them make a pact to ONLY have fun and if they mention ONE thing about whats getting them down, they have to take a shot, (i'll even buy it if it shuts them up!)
Make sure they remeber that passing the trig test on monday is more important than some crummy girl/guy that treated them like crap anyway
5. Your out at the local bar with your friends having a great time and your ex pops up. Not only are they with someone new, hot and drunk, but they just dumped you four days ago, and their new fling is a good buddy from college/high school. What do you do?
Get really drunk and go start a fight.
Know automatically that its going to kill your night so you graciously step out so's not to ruin your friends night.
Turn on your fav song, pass out a round of drinks with your crew, and forget that punk your out with friends this night is OBviously about moving on and you find yourself moving on to that supa hot guy playing pool.
Im already drunk lets go slash some tires!
6. You are going on a LONG trip, what are you packing for the road?
Snacks, magazines, music player of my choice, a pillow, a portable gaming system and tube socks (don't ask))
My school books/work notes, an anti-nausia med and ear plugs.
Maybe some cd's but mainly just some topics of the week I want to rant about with my buddies.
Tylenol PM and vodka.
7. Favorite Color?
8. Out of the following choose one:
Surf board
Cell Phone
9. What IS on your Ipod?
Anything you can dance to.
A range of great music for everyone, jokes, spoof parodies and pics of crazy stuff!
My pace walking music, cliff notes and my "learn to speak spanish" recordings.
A simple variety of screw the universe music.
10. What was your last night out about?
Gettin' some!
Getting out of the house for some fresh air!
I can't remember I was too messed up.
I can't remember when I had a night out last...
11. Someone in your gang has had just a bit much to drink, they go for the keys and...
You go with them it'll be one hell of a ride!
You snatch them up re-directing them to their safe and sober ride home.
Take them home yourself, no sense in you staying your not having that much fun anyhow.
You put them in the back seat of your car, call the designated drive over and move the party to your pad.
12. You have the kids (or are sitting) and your best friends b-day is today you...
Call her up tell her to bring her butt over your having a good old fashion slumber party!
Call her and your other attached to children pals, and have a BBQ, more friends and a little adult/kids combo intices more people to show up and show the love.
Call a sitter and head to the club.
Forget it they didn't remember your b-day!

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