How much does your boyfriend love you?

Girls are FOREVER wondering if their boyfriend TRULY loves them. Sometimes they act like they don't to be cool around their friends, but sometimes they're only using the girl. Boys are funny creatures, aren't they?

But the one question bouncing around YOUR brain right now is: Does MY boyfriend truly love ME?? Now, there's only one way to answer that question, and that's to take my quiz! I hope you enjoy it :)

Created by: *InLove*
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1. How often does he text you asking if you want to meet up?
Usually everyday, but sometimes he has other things on
Coupla times a week, I guess
Every other day, roundabouts
Once a week or so?
Once a fortnight
He lives in a different country
2. Does he remember when your birthday is?
He has to ask multiple times, but never forgets to bring me a gift on the day
He forgot once, but he made up for it by taking me out to dinner
He always remembers it, I only had to tell him once
He always forgets, then gets confused when I'm so upset
He usually remembers, I gotta give it to him
Sometimes - it's half and half really
3. How flirtatious does he act to other girls?
Very - I get so jealous
Ah, not much. Just a bit of playful messing around really, I know he wouldn't cheat on me
Never - I'm the only girl for him
Well, never when I'm around, but I suspect he flirts a bit when I'm not...
Only sometimes, usually when he's annoyed at me for one reason or another
He's just a naturally friendly boy, so when he does I know it's just the way he is, he doesn't mean anything by it
4. Does he mind you liking male singers?
He hates it. It's kind of annoying actually...
He doesn't like it much, but can't stop me listening to their music, so it's tough luck really
He likes the singers too, so there's no problemo there
He doesn't care what I listen to
He doesn't mind a bit that I listen to male singers, he's a sweetie like that
He's fine with it. He doesn't like it, but doesn't dislike it really
5. Does he let you go out with other male friends?
No - he makes me stay in with him
Yeah, he doesn't care what I do
Well... Sometimes. Depends on how he's feeling
No, but I still do
Yeah, he lets me go out with whoever I want, he trusts me
He doesn't really like me doing it, but he lets me
6. Does he hold your hand in public?
I don't let him!
Yeah, 'course he does
Sometimes... When certain people walk past he lets go for fear of them making fun of him
He pretty much insists on it
Only when we both want to
He'll only hold my hand if it's a special occasions, such as my birthday
7. How long have you been together?
1 or 2 weeks
A month
A couple of months
Almost a year
A whole year!
Over a year
8. How far have you gone? (You know what I mean...)
We've kissed
We 've kissed a lot, in public too
We've led in bed together, nothing more though
We've seen eachother in underwear
We've seen eachother in nothing
We've gone the whole way... ;)
9. How often does he buy you gifts?
He always buys me something after an argument
Once a fortnight, maybe?
Once a week without fail :)
Not often, but occasionally to show me that he still loves me
Never, but I don't mind, it's not the gifts that counts, it's us
Never and I hate it! I think a boy should buy his girlfriend gifts.
10. Do you think he tries hard to please you?
I think he tries too hard, it's kinda cute actually
He tries hard, but not too hard
He just acts like himself, he doesn't need to try to make me love him
He doesn't try at all...
He tries a bit sometimes, but mostly knows he doesn't need to try
11. If you were cold, would he let you wear his jacket?
Nah, he'd keep it for himself
Well, he'd keep it, but he'd hug me tight to keep me warm
He's um and ah, but eventually give in
He'd give it to me straight away
He'd give it to me, of course, and tuck it lovingly round my shoulders
He'd offer me his jacket! Then he'd hug me to keep himself and me warm
12. How does he greet you?
A little nod in my direction, then continue walking
Run up to me, throw his arms around my waist from behind and kiss my cheek
Walk up to me, take me lovingly into his arms and kiss me passionately
Picks me up, runs with me then sets me down and tickles me mercilessly
Waves and/or gives me a hug
Nothing, a mere glance maybe
13. Does he ever stroke/play with your hair?
Only when I ask him to
Only when he's comforting me
All the time, he can't get enough of my hair!
He never touches my hair
Now and again, I suppose
14. Does he like you wearing make up?
Why would he care about that?? I look good, so he don't care!
He complains that I'm wearing too much sometimes
He doesn't comment on it
He doesn't really look or notice it
He's half and half, but allows me to wear it
No, he says I look more beautiful without it, but I still wear it
15. When you say you look fat or ugly, what does he say?
"Yep, you are."
"No, not really..." But he doesn't sound convincing.
"Of course not!" then carries on with whatever he was doing before
"You're fine, babe" and hugs you tight
"You're perfect just the way you are. And anyway, I love you for who you are, not what you look like"
"Of course you're not fat/ugly, babe!"

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