How Much Do You Know About The Constitution?

There are many patriotic people, but few truely know the our Constitution. Our Constitution is the United States most important document and took many months to decide on all the laws and rights written in it. It is truely the most extremely well thought out, planned, organized document ever written.

Do you know the Constitution? Do you know about our government to pass this quiz? Until know, you could only wonder if you were truely a political genius. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Marisa
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1. True or False: Thomas Jefferson signed the Constitutuion.
2. Which state did not send representatives to attend the Constitutional convention?
Rhode Island
New York
3. How many states had to approve the Constitution for it to be passed?
8 out of 13
All of them
9 out of 13
4. In which city was the Constitutional convention held?
New York City
James Town
5. How many representatives did each state have to send to the Constitutional covention?
6. Who was the President of the Constitutional convention?
James Madison
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
John Adams
Benjamin Franklin
7. Who wrote the Constitution?
James Madison
Thomas Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton
George Washington
8. How does the Preamble begin?
Establish Justice
We the People
United States of America
In order to form a more perfect union
None of the above
9. Which state did Bejamin Franklin represent?
South Carolina
None of the above
10. Why was the Constitutional covention held?
To change the Articles of Confederations
So that the states could get together and have a big party
To create the Declaration of Independence
To figure out if someone was guilty of murder
None of the above
11. What ended up happening at the Constitutional convention?
The Declaration of Independence was signed and written
Virginia and Delware got in a big fight and everyone had to leave
The murder suspect was proven guilty
They ended up getting rid of the Articles of Confederation and wrote the Constitution instead
Benjamin Franklin had a heart attack and died so there ended up being a funeral and everyone went home because they were in too much greif
None of the above

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