How much do you know about the Cell Phone

Many people use the cell phones. Few people know how to use a cell phone safely, and even fewer people know the health hazards attached to the use of a cell phone for a long period of time. This quiz is designed to find out which category you fall into.

Are YOU a cell phone safety genius? Do you know the health hazards related to cell phone usage? Until now you could wonder, but thanks to this amazing quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: amazon
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1. What is a cell phone?
A phone found in cells
A phone used to call cells and prison
A personal phone that you call and send messages on
A phone attached to your kitchen wal
2. When should you turn off your phone?
Before you get in your car
At a stop light
When your cell phone starts ringing
Don't turn it off
3. What is the fine charged when you commit the offence of driving to distraction?
a fine of $2000
a fine of $3000
a fine of $1000
a fine of $5000
a fine of $4000
4. What percentage of all teens have a cel phone?
5. Which of the following is not a method of communicating with a cell phone?
Text Message
Phone calls
face to face
6. Which of the following companies does not offer phone services
7. What is an alternative to driving and using your cellphone?
find a safe spot to park then call
call at a red light
There is no alternative
call during traffic jams
8. Which Gender has more cell phone users?
9. Which of the following is an effect of cell phone on your physical health
Improved Memory
Brain Cancer
10. Why is it not advisable to talk and drive at the same time?
Cell phones are a distraction
Cell phones are expensive
Cell phones are noisy
There is nothing wrong in driving and talking at the same time

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