How Much do you know about Pirates of the Caribbean?

Pirates of the Caribbean is about a pirate who lives in the Caribbean. Good luck on my quiz. I hope that you have fun taking this quiz and that you get a good score!

Have fun and remember to think back to the 3 movies. The Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man's Chest, and of course At World's End. Movies rule counting these three. Jack and Elizabeth, Will and Barbossa, Jack the Monkey and Marty.

Created by: ABCSOUP
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3. In the Curse of the Black Pearl, what people created the gold medallions as an offering to their conqueror?
None of the Above
4. How many years of service does Bootstrap Bill wager and lose at Liar's Dice?
5. In At World's End, for whom is Davy Jones working?
Lord Cutler Beckett
East India Trading Company
Bootstrap Bill
6. What form does Calypso take at the end of At World's End?
Thousands of Crabs
A Giant Goddess
A Malestrom
None of the Above
7. How long did Captain Jack Sparrow spend marooned on the desert island after the crew of the Black Pearl mutinied?
Two Weeks
Never Says
Five Days
Three Days
8. What does Barbossa use as a gavel during the Brethern Court?
A cannonball
A sword
A knife
A candle
9. Who is captain of the Black Pearl when it attacks Port Royal?
Jack Sparrow
Will Turner
Davy Jones
10. Who kills Sri Sumbhajee's aide, Akshay?
Jack Sparrow
Will Turner
Elizabeth Swann
Captain Teague
Davy Jones
11. How often can Davy Jones step on Land?
Every Day
Once every 10 years
Once every 10 minutes
Once every 3 years
12. Who witnesses the hangings at the beginning of At World's End?
Jack Sparrow
Elizabeth Swann
Lord Cutler Beckett
Jack the Monkey

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