How much do you know about Hannah Montana?

There are many people that know some things about Hannah Montana, but very few people are Hannah Montana geniuses! Hannah Montana genuises are, afterall pretty exceptional.

Do you want to find out if you are a Hannah Montana genuis? You can now! In just a few second you can see if you are a Hannah Montana dunce or truly a Hannah Montana genius!

Created by: Hannah and Bethany
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1. Finish the song: "You get the best of __________"
Two Worlds
Both Worlds
My World
Your World
2. Who are Hannah Montana's two sidekicks?
Mike and Lola
Matthew and Lara
Morgan and Lucy
Morris and Lulu
3. Who is Miley's boyfriend in "I'll always remember you"?
4. Finish the song: "So I might slip again let it in now and then that dont't mean anything ________".
Im Still Good
I Like Food
Don't Be Rude
There I stood
5. Who is Jackson's boss and worst enemy?
Robby Ray
6. Who is Jackson's girlfriend in Season 4?
Traci Van Horn
7. Finish the song: Nobody's _______?
8. What episode is the last ever Hannah Montana episode?
We'll be together
When I lose you
Wherever I go
When I go
9. In what episode do Lilly and Oliver get together?
What I don't like about you
What I meant when I said I loved you
What are you doing?
Whats up with you
10. Finish the song: "Cause I'm movin' on letting go holdin' on to _________".
This Moment

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