How Much do you Know About Canada?

based not only on the height of the fall, but also on the volume of water flow. For this reason, Della Falls, the highest in Canada, is not regarded, in world literature, as a major waterfall. Niagara Falls, on the other hand, is acknowledged as one of the world's greatest cataracts because of the estimated mean annual flow of 6000 cubic metres per second. The height of a waterfall is often subject to various interpretations. In most cases a waterfall starts with a series of rapids, then goes over a vertical or nearly vertical drop, and ends with a cataract over the debris at the bottom of the vertical drop. The heights given in the table below are those of the highest vertical or nearly vertical drop. Reversing Falls are phenomena resulting from tidal action. At low tide, the inland waters empty into the sea over a rocky shelf in a waterfall. As the tide rises above the falls, the seawater forces its way against the river flow. The resulting turbulence, in the form of whirlpools, eddies and rapids, makes the falls appear to have actually reversed. Canada's three reversing falls are: Saint John River, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick Wager Bay, Ford Lake, Nunavut

Falls 27 Pigeon River, ON Scott Falls 27 Unknown River, NL Tyrrell Falls 26 Lockhart River, NT High Falls 24 Onaping River, ON Schist Falls 24 Pukaskwa River, ON Smoky Falls 24 Mattagami River, ON Christopher Falls 23 Opasatika River, ON Chute du Calcaire 22 Rivière Caniapiscau, QC Chute au Granite 21 Rivière Caniapiscau, QC Partridge Falls 21 Pigeon River, ON Steephill Falls 21 Magpie River, ON Louise Falls 20 Hay River, NT Muhigan Falls 19 Muhigan River, MB Big Beaver Falls 18 Kapuskasing River, ON Chutes aux Schistes 18 Rivière Caniapiscau, QC Twin Falls 18 Abitibi River, ON Lady Evelyn Falls 17 Kakisa River, NT Muskrat Falls 15 Churchill River, NL Taskinigup Falls 15 Burntwood River, MB Kazan Falls 14 Kazan River, NU Rideau Falls 12 Rideau River, ON Source: Natural Resources Canada. Canada Centre for Remote Sensing. GeoAccess Division. 2001.

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3. what leaf is on the Canadian flag
4. Who was the first prime minister of Cananda?
George Bush
Albert Einstein
John A Mcdonald
MacKenzie King
5. What is the name of the highest mountain in the canadian rockies?
Grouse Moountain
Mount Everest
Rockey Mountain
6. How tall is the CN tower?
553 m
7. How many people live in Canada?
30 million
32 million
2 million
33 million
8. How old is Canada?
143 yrs
9. What is the biggest city in Canada?
10. What is the name of the biggest water fall in Canada?
Niagra Falls
Scott falls
Della falls
Takakkaw Falls
11. How cold can it get in Canada?
12. What is the smallest Province in Canada?

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