How Michigan are you?

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Rustaholic said:
Feb 24 '12, 7:24PM

Congratulations, you are 97% Michigan!

Congratulations, when it comes to you and Michigan, you know your stuff! You must drink pop, vacation "up north", and enjoy the many special seasons Michigan has to offer. Maybe you should write your own Michigan quiz!

Just what three percent of me isn't Michigan?
My family goes back to the 1850s within 65 miles of here on the ring finger just five miles east of where the top of the little finger touches it.

crazywhitegirl said:
Dec 31 '11, 2:20AM

97% the second time around.
Forget da Vernors....bring us some Shasta and Faygo

Ever hear of "Escanaba in da Moonlight". My town.

crazywhitegirl said:
Dec 31 '11, 2:15AM

93% Michigan.
Editor didn't have option of "I LIVE UP NORTH, EH?" for us YOOPERS to chose from.

Darnd TROLLS!!

Lil hihi said:
Dec 3 '11, 9:24PM

92% michiganian

geras said:
Oct 22 '11, 4:19PM

96% michigan, dang straight! xD
they suuuuuuuckkk!!
i fell in one before :0

Keya said:
Oct 13 '11, 10:23PM

I just moved, I know nothing! Well, Canadians prefer pop to soda.

ynnub106 said:
Jul 11 '11, 10:35PM

67% isnt that sad ive lived in michigan all my life

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