how mexican are you

are you a well educated caucasian a steddy job and a good loving, and caring family or are you a jalepeno in bean dip selling roses and fruit on a random corner?

by the end of the quiz you will know wheather you are a saltine or a 5 pound burrito with a mexican flag toothpick sticking out of it. or if you are the perfect blen of safistication and brute force

Created by: lizmarh
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. how many jose's do you know
too much too count
maybe 1 or 2 but not related to me
a couple
4. how do you start your car
put the key in the ignition you retard
how do you?
1st i get a screwdirver and pull out some wires and then you twist them and you know the rest
too young to drive
5. have you ever seen the "virgen de guadalupe" in your food
thats crazy
shut up she talking to me in my tortillas
6. do you know who the "virgen de guadalupe" is
yeah i've seen something on the news about a crazy latino lady finding her in a tortilla
yor asking me?!
is that that one blue guy with like 6 arms
7. how many people live with you (include yourself)
2 just me and a parent/relitive
3 im an only child
4 normal family mom dad sister/brother
my uncle antie grama granpa mom dad sister brother brother brother another sister and 12 cousins
8. do you know any body named chuey
what does star wars have to do with anything
my dad,brother,brother,uncle,and my granpa
who would name anybody a name that would be givin to chewing gum brand
yeah like 1
9. how many siblings do you have
1 or 2
3 or 4
5 and above
10. what kind of shoe's do wear around the house
11. there's gonna be a big party what shoe's do you put on
my cleanest j's
my radest vans/converse
my sickest dc's
my badassed alligator boots
12. what do you drive/gonna drive
a good hybird
a nice bmw,lexus,or mercedes
something afordable with good gas mileage blah,blah,blah crapity crap crap
a big ass pickup with the mexican flag on it that plays "la cucaracha" when you beep
13. if you are mexican are you proud
im not mexican
you bet your fu***n burrito's im proud
whats there to be be proud of
eehhh ish
14. LA MIGRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOLY FU***N S#@T!!!!!!! RUN!!!!
the what?
i got papers i shouldn't be scared
is that a new way of saying african lady
15. why did you take this quiz
i wanna know how mexican i am
because it has mexican in the title
16. did you like it (no effect)
yeah it was okay
it sucked i don't even want to be mexcan anymore
it was cool
just let me see the resaults already

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