How Metal are you?

The music genre "Heavy Metal" is just a phrase describing tons of types of music. From Black metal to Thrash Metal, each has its own sound, but still gets to call itself METAL!!!!

What type of "Metal" genre are you most like. With this quiz, you'll know how deadly and unpredictable you'll be at a concert, or how calm and content you can be while you sit in the nose bleed section.

Created by: Travis of MySpace
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3. At a concert you notice a giant pit in the center of the auditorium (or standing area). What do you do?
Stand there and watch people suffer
Push your friend in
Join In
4. Theres someone crowd surfing from the back to the front and you think it looks cool. What do you do?
Jump up and start surfing
Help the guy along the way
Help drop the guy in the middle of the mosh pit
5. Theres a guy behind you,jumping around pushing everyone into you. Hes drunk. What do you do?
Ignore him and enjoy the show
Shove him back and tell him to knock it off
Knock him the f--- out. I'm sure everyone else will understand
6. Your standing in line waiting for the show to start and you notice the lead singer go by. What is your first reaction?
Yell out their name and flash them the devil horns
Get your sharpie and ticket ready
Pull out your camera phone and start taking pictures
7. As a follow up to #6; you meet him/her and ask for something. What would it be?
A picture of you and them with you both flashing the horns.
Give them a handshake/hug
Sign your boobies
8. The concert is about to begin, and your in the middle of the auditorium. You know your in the center of what will become the deadliest mosh pit ever. What are you thinking?
"Oh s---... i'm gonna die"
"Lets do this!"
"Lets start moving to the front"
9. As the first band exits the stage, you see an opening in the front of the stage to stand. Theres a barricade of people blocking your route. What do you try to do?
Stay where your at. You can see the show just fine.
Start asking politely for people to move
Shove your way through
10. Your getting ready to leave for a concert, and you want to dress up for it. What do you wear?
Band shirt and jeans
Leather, leather, leather
Fishnet stockings and hooker boots
11. A person begins to start arguing with you about you running and pushing into them during the performance. They begin to threaten you. Whats your first reaction
Threaten back. They'll probably just ignore you after
Push them again. Start up a fight
Punch them in the back of the head and throw them into the mosh pit.
12. Security is looking tough for preshow pictures of the band. How do you avoid the security?
Find the nearest parking garage and follow it up to the second floor
Go around and walk through the loading area, unaware of what your doing
Push security out of the way and run up there

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