How loyal of a friend are you?

People have many friends in their lifetime, but few have true loyal friends. A loyal friend is someone who is there for you when you need them. They know just what you need to do in sticky situations. They're not afraid to tell you what's right or wrong.

Are you a loyal friend? Do you have what it takes to be a loyal friend? You have probably wondered what kind of friend you are. Thanks to this awesom quiz in just minutes you'll know how loyal of a friend you are or how low of a friend you are.

Created by: Shay
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3. Your friend tells you that she/he cheated on their significant other. What do you do?
tell everyone
tell them they need to confess or you will
run and tell the significant other
ask for all the details
4. Your friend tells you that they have a addiction problem. What do you do?
ask which one and then tell them about yours
listen and offer advice on help
drag them to rehab
tell everyone
5. Your friend comes to you and tells you that they heard you were sleeping with their significant other. What do you do?
lie and then run and call the other to set up a date
say no and then demand for them to tell you where they heard this and confront that person
laugh and say "like I'd really sleep with them, I mean look at them"
get very upset but not own up to anything
6. Your friend asks to borrow money. Do you loan them it?
depends if the friend will pay me back
sure why not, I know where they live
hell no, I worked hard for that money
depends on what they need it for
7. Your friend gets really drunk at a party and is about to sleep with someone they don't really know. What do you do?
rescue them and take them home
laugh and say "they're gonna hate themselves in the morning"
get jealous cause they're getting some and you're not
who cares you're hooking up too
8. Your friend has to move and asks for your help and your pick-up. What do you do?
Help them, if they will pay for gas
sure why not, they'll owe me someday
nope, got better things to do
depends, if I'm not busy then yeah I'll help
9. Your friend admits to you that they have a crush on your significant other. What do you do?
Beat the crap out of them
never talk to them again
tell them great but he/she is yours so don't try anything
ask if they wanna share
10. Your friend is very sick and can't do much around their house. What do you do?
go over and offer your help
ewww....stay away until their better
offer your condolences over the phone
get a new friend until their better
11. You both work at the same job and your friend gets fired for something that wasn't their fault, but it was your fault. What do you do?
fess up to the boss
say so long to your friend
quit if your boss dosen't give them their job back
12. You see your friend's significant other with someone else. What do you do?
nothing it's not your buisness
call your friend immediately and give all the details
go up to the person and confront them and then go tell your friend face to face and be there for them when they confront the person
think glad it's not me

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