How Leicester are you?

It's Leicester. the jewel in the UK's crown. A veritable kingdom in this proud nation's crown. Home to everything that is good about life. How well do you know it though????

Take the following 15 questions, that'll sort out who's a wannabe Saffite from a hardcore Monsellite, who's been glassed in the Rowletts and who remembers the Double Decker.

Created by: Daniel Lambert
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1. Which one of these is NOT a Leicester legend?
Bill Maynard
Maggie Philbin
David Icke
Su Pollard
2. Which Scandinavian capital had a famous bar in the city centre?
3. Name the picturesque and captivating stretch of land only a stones throw from the city centre?
Frog Island
Toad Island
Lizard Island
Geko Island
4. One of these is a park in Leicester, but which one?
Northern Park
Western Park
Eastern Park
Southern Park
5. Who was the last manager to take Leicester City into the Premier League?
Mickey Adams
Brian Little
Martin O'Neill
Sven Goran Eriksson
6. You've just had your picture taken next to 'Sibbo'...but who is he?
A famous tramp
A statue in the city centre
A former champion boxer
A dog that eats choddehh
7. What name links an area of Leicester and a Leicester taxi company?
8. Which roundabout in Leicester is named after a savoury snack?
Sausage Roll
Pork Pie
Scotch Egg
Pot Noodle
9. What's the name of the building on Newarke Street that dates back to 1410?
The Newspaper
The Magazine
The Journal
The Brochure
10. If you're getting the bus into town from Uppingham Road, where's it going to drop you off?
Humbo Gate
Brauny Gate
Welford Road
Belgrave Gate
11. Which one's the furthest away from the City Centre?
Leicester Tigers
Leicestershire County Cricket club
12. If you had a job at Corah's, what industry were you involved in?
Crisp Making
Board Games
13. What's the greatest pie ever tasted the world over?
14. What's the pedestrian walk way that leads from Victoria Park to the City centre?
Old Walk
Young Walk
New Walk
Blue Walk
15. You want the finest Fish and Chips in Leicester, so you go to....
Cleethorpes Fisheries
Whitby Fisheries
Filey Fisheries
Grimsby Fisheries

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