How Gloucestershire are you?

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Just how Gloucestershire are you? Do you know your Shed from your shed? Do you know your Phil Vickery from your Phil Vickery? Would you know how to cook an elver? Take our quiz to find out how sharp you are.

Do the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you hear the roar of the crowd as you walk past Kingsholm? What springs to mind when you hear the word Doughnut? Take a few minutes to fill in our quiz.

Created by: Matt Holmes of Gloucestercitizen
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2. What is your gender?
3. What is football?
A game played by 15 men on a muddy pitch
A game played by 11 men on a pristine pitch
A massive bunion
A game played by blokes with big shoulder pads in America
4. What is the best way to serve Double Gloucester cheese?
At 30mph down Cooper's Hill
On toast
In a lovely light souffle with pickled mushrooms
In a bap with onions
5. What is an Old Spot?
A facial blemish lasting longer than two weeks
A delicious breed of pig
A Damien Hirst original
A lurcher aged over 15 years old
6. What is an Elver?
A lovechild of Elvis Presley
A tiny, tiny elf
A small eel
A hairstyle peculiar to the West Country
7. Which of these authors have a Gloucestershire connection?
JK Rowling
Jilly Cooper
James Herbert
Dennis Potter
8. GCHQ has a nickname - what is it?
The Polo
The Doughnut
The Bagel
The Ring
9. Who is Phil Vickery?
A celebrity TV chef
An England and Gloucester Rugby star
The man who invented Vicks
Half a reverend called Phil
10. The Gold Cup is what?
A race at the National Hunt Festival in Cheltenham
A measuring device for precious metal
A Starbucks special edition coffee
A yellow meadow flower found only in Winchcombe
11. Which film series was shot partly at Gloucester Cathedral?
Harry Potter
Star Wars
The Godfather
12. What is the nickname for Cheltenham Town Football club?
The Sparrows
The Robins
The Piogeons
13. What do you do in The Shed?
Sneak a crafty fag
Store my gardening equipment
Shout 'Glawwsterrr' at Kingsholm
Breed ferrets
14. Do you believe in the existence of big cats roaming the countryside?
15. What is the Devil's Chimney?
A limescale stone stack at Leckhampton Hill
A structure on top of the devil's house
A Heston Blumenthal dessert
16. Translate: "Ow bist owd butt"
How are you doing mate
How do you rejuvenate a saggy bottom?
Ouch, that fag end really burnt me
17. If you were choosing a theme for an annual fayre what would it be?
18. What is shin kicking?
A game at the Cotswold Olimpicks
A spicy sauce for beef
A traditional form of greeting on Eastgate Street on Saturday nights
19. What is the best thing to wear for a run up a hill in Tetbury?
Hover boots
A Woolsack
Wellington boots
A cape and mask
20. What is the Severn Bore?
That bloke in the pub everyone avoids
A burrowing worm found only in Gloucestershire
A wave formed by tidal forces
Heavy plant machinery for digging bore holes
21. What or who is E.M.F?
A Forest of Dean musical band
A discount furniture store in Cinderford

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