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  • I'm not sure if the person that made this quiz has ever been to Florida. You give me a low rating stating that I have probably lived here about 2 years and would never leave. I have lived in Florida all my life (December will be 60 years). The question asking which was not a Florida college did not have a correct answer (University of Central Florida, University of North Florida, University or Miami, Florida State). I do wish that FSU was someplace else. Orlando was a great place to grow up until every damned yankee decided to move here and destroy a wonderful state.

    Gator John Jul 5 '16, 12:38PM
  • I've lived in Florida my whole life however since i live in central Florida I knew literally nothing... also What the heck with a majority of these questions.

    WorkEasyStudent Jul 4 '16, 8:36PM
  • I'm an 8th generation Floridian and I have never lived anywhere but Florida and I got an 88% likely because I'm not from Miami

    Maziedawg Jun 22 '16, 9:40PM
  • I have lived in fl 4 all ma life. I I got a pretty bad score

    Jenjen Jun 12 '16, 3:54PM
  • I've lived in florida all my life and I got a 56 please explain... :/

    WinterIsDaBest Mar 22 '16, 3:47PM
  • I lived in Florida basically my whole life and I got a 40% wow.

    Rashad Jul 31 '15, 10:41AM
  • Score = 97% 3rd Generation / Born, Raised & Bred to be! True "Florida Cracker" Which is what they call those of us left that still have southern accents and grew up here pre New York /NE invasion

    Hurricane Jul 1 '15, 12:36AM

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