How Douglassberg are You?

Are you Douglassberg? Could you be? Do you really want to be? It's really quite a unique little community. Please come inside to enjoy some local folklore and the endeavors of some of our most esteemed residents!

Continue to see if you are able to properly sort all of the subtle nuances our quaint little community offers. Whether you're a Stepford Wife, have Children of the Corn, or make a Jack Nicholson face when saying, "Here's Daddy," This might just be the community for you. Nestled between the rolling farmland of lower Berks County and the beginning of the Poconos in upper Berks, come join us on this adventure

Created by: Brian
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What do you drink?
Other mixed drinks
Multiple Ginger Ales
4. What's the top selling beer in Douglassberg
Coors Light
Miller Light
Coors Light
Miller Light
Nugget Nectar
5. Have you ever done a Jager bomb?
Every time I'm at the bar
On occassion
6. If you order a Martini in Douglassberg, you better be
Someone's client from out of town
Female, and that's not always acceptable
Winning a bet
Resolving hug issues with Daddy
7. Two words, "Big Jim"
Know him
He's bought me drinks
8. One word "Jansen"
Know him
Know him, but not sure what he's saying
9. Ever eat Meatsmoker Chris' wares?
Yes, I mean, no
Hell no
Only his bag bologna
10. Finish the sentence. "Last time I saw Old Mike he was..."
Drinking Ginger Ale
Hitting on me
Enlightened me on African Genocide
11. Gary is best know for the catch phrase...
I hate you guys
Pass the garlic
12. At the corner of the bar closest to the door, you will most commonly see?
Jansen and Yuri
Ed and Kathy
Bill and Cindy
Dancing George
13. Complete this sequence: Big Jim, Rufus and...
Brian Rowen
John Bauer
Salsa Dancing
Whipped cream
14. Woody is always playing...
With himself
15. What should you never poke?
A bear's balls
A neo-nazi
A beehive
Someone behind the dumpster
16. Scott and Susan are must often found...
Driving Brian home
Driving Gary home
At the Dawg
Mentoring troubled youth
Cheering on the Yankees
17. Kristen, Susan and Lindsey's favorite sport is...
Effing with Brian's ex GF
Lawn Darts
18. A little known fact about bartender Lisa is...
She's an incredible bartender
She once played the lead in Annie
She's known as Mrs. Delicious
Before getting married, she was linked to Brad Pitt too
19. A little known fact about bartender Shane is...
He's a world ranked long distance runner
His real first name is Mortimer
He likes Flemish Beer
He once ate 60 eggs in 60 minutes
20. Brian Rowen once had...
A wild affair with Heidi Klum
A thriving counseling business
A Barbie playhouse
21. Scott is sometimes known to get aggravated with...
22. Susan is sometimes known to get aggravated with...
23. A little known fact about Chef Bill is...
He was classically trained in Paris
If it wasn't for that damned Emeril...
He's your andouille connection
He's the next Batman
24. Ed and Kathy's secret to a happy marriage is...
Open, honest communication
Singing show tunes
25. Waitress Jen is best known for her
Bubbly personality
Ability to make you feel at home
Innocent voice
26. How do you make Brian Ullom mad?
Call him 24 times in four hours
Ask him if Cort is a "Big Beagle"
He never gets mad
Steal his jacket, wallet and keys
27. Where would you most likely find Kim and Rusty on vacation?
Touring art museums
Wine Country
Bike Week
The AVN awards
28. Math Question: If a round is bought for the entire filled bar, and everyone was drinking premium beers or mixed drinks, what would it cost?
How do you expect me to answer that?
Who cares? Big Jim ordered it!
29. What is Matt Ward's favorite beer?
Bud light
Pete's Wicked
I don't know, but he just poured it on the table!
30. Finally, if they made a reality TV show about this place, what should it be called?
My Three Guns
American Idle
Survivor: Berks County
Hereford, here I come!

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