how crazy are you about music

there are many people you are one of them keep up the work and you will find that artist and then meet them you know their are lots of ways to meet stars so find it people find it. cool coolc

you are smart kind of person about this topic learn more take this agan untill you know you are a super fan of all these artist i names. cool cool keep it up these quizes take a long time to make.

Created by: Brian
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1. who is the dude who sings got money
lil wayne
lil bow
2. what singer sings love story
maranda lanbert
lil mama
taylor swift
omg its dr tran
3. what year was Brian Johnson from acdc born in
5 October 1947
4 september 1948
june 7 1942
4. who sings u give love a bad name
john mayer
bon jovi
dixi chicks
or myspace weird i know
5. is this quiz have over u think
hell no
6. when was country super star taylor swift born
june 5 1989
september 23 1989
December 13, 1989
i do not know
7. Backstreet Boys what kind of music were they.
hip hop
i do not give a hell
8. who was the guitarist from arosmith mane one
jimmy hendrix
lil wayne
joe perry
katy perry
9. when katy perry started out what was her first number one single
hot n cold
i kissed a girl
thinking of you
10. ok last quiestion what year was katy perry born in
October 25, 1984
january 5 1984
febuary 8 1984

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