How brave are you?

If you think you got what it takes to be brave, then you came to the right place! If not, go back to doing homework, wimp. Only a few are very truly brave.

And you may be one of the very few of them who are. If you are truly brave, you must be able to jump in front of a train to save your family, or wrestle a lion.

Created by: Chloe12
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1. Would you take a bullet for one of your parents?
Yes! Of course!
No way!
Well, I have more life left than my parents, so, no!
I'm too scared to!
No, my parents wouldn't do it for me!
2. If you were in WW II and you were English, but your parents were on Germanys side, which side would you fight for?
No side! I'm too scared!
No side, there is no point to war.
Germany! My parents are on that side! I will stick with my parents!
England! I'm sticking to it! England win in the end!
I would just kill anyone that came into sight!
I would just try and survive!
3. If you had the choice to save your best friend or your younger brother, which one would you save?
My best friend! No one could ever replace her!
My younger brother! He can be annoying, but he's family, and I don't have any more siblings like him!
Both of em!
Yuk! I hate both!
My chicken, Clucky!
4. If your child died how would you feel?
Commit suicide!!!
Cry forever!
Get depression!
Cry for two days!
Cry for an hour!
Celebrate good times, come on!!!
5. If your friend dared you to climb a lampost halfway, would you?
Well, YOLO!
Eeeeep! No!
I will climb it a quarter way.
I run off.
I climb it all! I feel no fear!
I say, "Why don't you do it, scaredy-cat?"
6. If you were told to steal something or you would die, what would you do?
Steal it!
Fly to Italy!
Die! I would never steal, I would rather die!
Steal, I'm a robber anyway!
Die! Yay, I've wanted to commit suicide for ages!
Climb up a lampost
7. If you had to either give money to a young beggar or an old member of your family, what would you do?
Beggars are slobs, definitely my family member.
Eww, old people, definitely the begger!
The beggar, cos he's younger
The old person. Old people give you sweets!
Climb up the lampost
Jump off a six storey building
8. If a burglar broke into your house, and your parents were out, and you were in your bed, what would you do?
As soon as he went past my room, quickly go down to the kitchen, grab a knife, then hide in the kitchen cupboard waiting.
Come out with your hands up, and say, "If you don't hurt me, I won't tell anyone."
Roll over and go to sleep
Pretend to be asleep
9. If you were in the street alone at night, and a drunk man staggered up to you, what would you do?
Run to the nearest bush, checking that no ones in it, then run home when the coast is clear.
Grab his bottle and hit him over the head with it
Grab his cheeks and say,"Who's a good drunk? Who's a good lil drunk?"
Put your hand in his mouth and pull out his false teeth
Get drunk with him
Start punching!
10. You are walking down the road about a minute away from your house. You spot something wide, black, and lots of houses being ripped-- it's a tornado! What do you do???
Run home and hide under the sofa!
Freak and start trying to shoot yourself
Bring it on and stay where you are
Drive away!
Get down flat on the concrete
Start eating those chips that you hid in your shoes

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