How big a Pittsburgh Penguins fan are you?

Does your life revolve around the Pittsburgh Penguins? Think your a true fanatic? If your a Penguins fan and think you know your Penguin trivia put your knowledge to the test.

Are you a Pittsburgh Penguins fan? Do you know the Penguins inside and out? If so take my Pittsburgh Penguins quiz and see if you are truely a Pittsburgh Penguins fanatic. Good Luck.

Created by: Jay of Jay's Penguins Site
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3. In a trade which sent Zarley Zalapski, John Cullen, and Jeff Parker to the Hartford Whalers, in return the Penguins got Ron Francis, Ulf Samuelsson, and who?
Grant Jennings
Kjell Samuelsson
Bob Bougner
Bobby Dollas
4. Which Penguin defencemen led the team in points during their run to Eastern Conference final in the 2000-01 season?
Michal Rozsival
Darius Kasparitus
Ian Moran
Andrew Ference
5. Who did Tom Barrasso get traded to Ottawa for?
Ron Tugnut
Janne Laukannen
Ron Tugnut & 1st Round Pick
Ron Tugnutt & Janne Laukannen
6. Who did the Penguins acquire goalie Johan Hedberg from?
7. In game 4 of the 1996 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals the Pens and Caps played till 2:22Am. Who scored the game winning goal for the Pens in the 4th OT?
Martin Straka
Petr Nedved
Jaromir Jagr
Sergei Zubov
8. In game 7 of the 2001 Eastern Conference Semifinals against Buffalo, who scored the game winning goal in OT?
Robert Lang
Alexei Kovalev
Aleksey Morozov
Darius Kasparaitis
9. Who lead the Pens in points in the 2003-2004 regular season?
Martin Straka
Ryan Malone
Dick Tarnstrom
Ric Jackman
10. In the 2003-2004 season both Marc-Andre Fleury and Jean-Sebastien Aubin played 22 games each. Who had the better save percentage?
Jean-Sebastien Aubin
Marc-Andre Fleury
11. Who was drafted by the Penguins in the first round (21st overall) of the 2001 Entry Draft?
Colby Armstrong
Ryan Malone
Maxime Talbot
Brooks Orpik
12. On Feb 19, 1992 the Penguins traded Brian Benning, a first round draft choice and who?
Mark Recchi
Kjell Samuelsson and Ken Wregget
Rick Tocchet, Kjell Samuelsson and Ken Wregget
Wendell Young
13. Michel Briere is the only player to have his jersey retired along side Mario Lemieux's. What number did he wear?
14. What year did the Penguins join the NHL?
15. What years did the Penguins win there Stanley Cups?
16. How many Division Championships have the Penguins won?
17. How many Conference Championships have the Pens won?
18. Which Penguin sniper had a season in which he scored over 50 goals and amassed over 200 penalty minutes?
Bryan Trottier
Rick Tocchet
Kevin Stevens
Joe Mullen
19. Against what two teams did the Penguins come back down 3-1 during their championship years?
Washington Capitals & New York Rangers
Buffalo Sabres & New York Islanders
New York Rangers & Boston Bruins
Edmunton Oilers & Detroit Red Wings
20. During the 1991 regular season, with Mario Lemieux injured, the line of Mark Recchi, Kevin Stevens, and John Cullen, basically propelled the team into the playoffs. What was the lines nickname?
The Option Line
The Penultimates
The Punch Line
The Young Guns
21. How many consecutive games did the Penguins win to clinch the '92 Stanley Cup?
22. What Team does Jaromir Jagr currently play for?
Washington Capitols
New York Rangers
New Jersey Devils
Toronto Maple Leafs

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