How Australian are YOU??

The world's biggest island. The last continent to be discovered. Australia is a a distant land that keeps its secrets to itself. How many of them do you know?

Do you know your chazz wazzas from your malindachuck? How about your billabongs from your digeridoos? How Australian are you? Take this quiz to find out.

Created by: ngali
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2. What is your gender?
3. When you see the Australian flag you...
Sniffle, stand and salute
Sing the national anthem *mumbling the second verse.*
Wince at the foreign flag in the corner.
Yell CARN MAGGIES and crack a tinny.
4. When you actually take that 4WD off the road what do you pack for the trip?
Blundstones, fishing rod, a slab of VB and the dog.
The family, a picnic and wine.
Insect repellant, hat, and knee high boots to protect against snake attack.
Surfboard, wetty and towel.
5. It occurs to you the unofficial national anthem should be...
Waltzing Matilda
Working Class Man
Throw Your Arms Around Me
6. ABC is...
The first three letters in the alphabet.
An 80s Australian band.
A public broadcaster.
Aboriginal Beach Community.
7. That funny shaped building, the one next to the bridge in Sydney.... That's a....
B&S Convention Hall.
A Masonic Lodge.
An Opera House.
a Starbucks.
8. Uluru is a...
A long Aboriginal instrument you blow into.
A big rock.
A make of car.
A large sea mammal hunted by Aboriginals.
9. "Poofters, wogs and sheilas" is an expression that refers to...
Australian conservative politics.
Soccer, long before the 2006 World Cup.
A popular comedy show on SBS.
White wine.
10. People don't like Vegemite because...
It's disgusting!
They never tried PBJ.
They slather it on instead of spreading it thinly.
Crikey! What's vegemite?
11. Christmas Day is a good time to...
Sit around a fireplace and sip eggnog.
Drink heavily and watch football.
Have a picnic and a swim at the beach.
Get up to the Devil's Business.
12. The "Great Australian Dream" is...
To win the ashes.
To annex Indonesia.
To become a Republic.
To own property.

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