How attractive are you...really?

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Gryffina said:
Dec 11 '12, 7:43AM

This is really mean

A perfect score for a wallflower or castaway. If you could just find yourself a deserted island and a big stash of rum, you could be good your own mind. Well don't give up hope. There's always plastic surgery.

I know I'm not a model but that is really offensive. I bet anything you would get a 0%. Only an ugly person could write this. (maybe your pretty on the outside but ur a hideous monster on the inside)

soulja_boy22 said:
Nov 18 '12, 1:15AM

i got a 92 i dont feel that good tho

Br0wnies said:
Nov 11 '12, 3:19PM

I think I am going to report this quiz. I only got 30% and my result was offensive. My result says I should go back for more kibble and less attitude. Wow, that's VERY VERY NICE! (sarcastic)

girlgirlgirl said:
Nov 11 '12, 10:30AM

Retook and now 4%. Seriosuly why need 2 say this: Somebody call the kennel, because one of the dogs got loose. You probably bark. It's no sin to be so...homely. Just don't show yourself in public. Dark corners and bags for your head are your friends.

CutiePie22 said:
Nov 4 '12, 5:18PM

I just retook this doing answers only b--ches would put and got a 94. Wow.

CutiePie22 said:
Nov 4 '12, 5:15PM

Oh and BTW if I redid this quiz, made it decent and YOU took it you would get a -100%.

CutiePie22 said:
Nov 4 '12, 5:13PM

I guess being modest these days means being brought down:( 20%

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