How attractive are you...really?

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MissMidori said:
Aug 7 '08, 3:00AM

lol 48% hahaha hope it's not true xD

MystiqueBeauty16 said:
Aug 4 '08, 11:58AM

Lol, i got 53%.:) I'm confident with myself though, so i'm good. :)

Samantha said:
Jul 31 '08, 2:29AM

this is gay 46% im hott. losers

fingerspelling said:
Jul 26 '08, 4:18PM

I got 36%. So because I'm shy, I need plastic surgery? Lame.

crystle317 said:
Jul 13 '08, 6:20PM

well i hated the test even though i got 100% i still dont like the test because beauty isnt everything its whats inside that makes you beautiful so the test was dome............... ................... ..

alexrox3 said:
Jul 2 '08, 1:08AM

yes im hot i told the truth on it 2

silvergirl24 said:
Jun 6 '08, 9:37AM

Fascinating. Apparently, I'm not so attractive. That's too bad, because a cold, lifeless computer can't determine the truth about anyone.

dehigrl said:
May 29 '08, 7:55AM

ingenious....well 41% my self-esteem just sank A LOT!

broadwaybound55 said:
May 8 '08, 8:24PM

ATTRACTIVE...but what ever i mean u r on a comuter...

sakurabeau said:
Jan 25 '08, 1:26AM

0mg,an online quiz can't determine how beautiful we are,actually.It's terribly inaccurate for me,and injustiable!I like the "what's your strongest emotion",etc personality test,but not tests about looks.It's all very wrong:|

JFox said:
Nov 24 '07, 1:37AM

This quiz is ridiculous. The first few questions about hygiene and what not made sense, but, come on! I've had three boyfriends, the longest or which is two years and counting. How come it's only 10+ or none!? If I have had 10+ boyfriends, I'd either be terrorably annoying, or a hoe!

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