How attracted to BBW "Plus Size" Women Are You?

This quiz is mainly for men or BBW lovers. There are all sizes of people on this earth. There are petite, average, tall, short, heavy, and obese individuals. Have you heard of the term "BBW"? It means Big Beautiful Women and thanks to the internet they are making a name for themselves and society is becoming more accepting. Women with curves are attracting others even when the fashion industry and media would have us believe that's not true. There is a change sweeping society that is making BBW's acceptable and in many cases--preferred. Have you thought about this change?

Are you a BBW lover? Do you find yourself attracted to larger women? Or are you not sure and undecided. Perhaps you don't have the guts to admit it and still join the ranks of the immature and find ways to mock women of size. Here is your chance to take a few minutes to take the quiz here and see what others are thinking on this topic.

Created by: Dani of Multiply
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Have you ever found a BBW "Plus Size" woman attractive?
I find them VERY Attractive
Yes, I find them attractive
Yes, but not very attractive
No, I do not find them attractive
Absolutely No, do not find them attractive at all.
4. When is the first time you realized you were attracted to women of size?
When I was young
When I was a teenager
When I was an adult
Recently after meeting and knowing a BBW
I'm still not sure that I am; still deciding
I am not attracted to them
5. Is there be a limit to "size" that you would be attracted to?
I prefer larger the better.
I do not mind a few curves, but not very big.
Curves or no curves, I do not care about size
Yes, they need to be small in size.
Only small sized plus sizes
6. If not attracted to BBW, why not?
My family is larger than me and it turns me off
I find BBW to be obnoxious and loud
I do not like a lot of flesh on a woman
I have "bought" into the fashion/media industry that they just are not attractive.
They do not wear clothes well and do not look attractive
For some reason I just do not like plus size woman.
7. What traits or features attract you to a Big Beautiful Woman?
I enjoy their voluptuousness and curves
I enjoy their looks
I think BBW's have a much better personality
BBW's are usually more confident and fun to be around
I love their shapes and more ampleness in various areas
8. If someone set you up with a Big Beautiful Woman and you didn't know it prior, and you found out, what would you do?
I would be thrilled about it and of course go
Yes, I would go out, makes no difference to me.
I would be very unhappy and reconsider going out.
I would be friendly, go out, but would be upset
Absolutely not, I would tell her that some has come up.
9. Do you find Big Beautiful Women "Plus size" women repulsive?
No, not at all...just the oppposite
No, I like women of any size
Well, I think they should all lose weight
Yes, I find them hard to visit with or be friends with
Not sure, undecided
10. Your buddies want to go out to a BBW club, what do you do?
Say yes, most definitely am interested.
Say yes and not sure you really want to do this
Say you'll think about it, not sure it's something you want to do.
Say maybe, you'll think about it.
Say NO emphatically...Not interested
11. Have you ever admitted to a friend that you are attracted to Plus Size Women?
Yes tell everyone I can think of.
Yes, but was sorry afterward.
Have thought about, but haven't yet.
No, I'll be made fun of and that will bother me.
No, I'm a private person
12. If a BBW "Plus Size" woman were to pass you on the street, and your friends were with you...
I would whistle and make it known how attractive they are.
I would do a double take but keep my opinion to myself.
I would smile because I like all women, no matter what size
I would not do anything.
I would make fun of them to my friends.
13. Your friends make fun of a BBW "Plus Size" woman on T.v. or on the street...
You stick up for them and admit your attraction
You stick up for them but just because they're people too
You get kind of quiet and change the subject
You remain quiet and get mad because you're not saying anything.
You make fun of them as well and join in with your buddies.
14. Do you believe that BBW "Plus Size" women are getting more noticed in society and people are beginning to admit they are attracted to them.
Yes, big change over the last several years.
Yes, there is a slight change, more interested
Maybe, not sure.
No, no change..they are still shunned.
NO, nothing has changed at all, people are NOT attracted to BBW.

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