High school, Drama, and Guys P2

Ok, this series is not just all about guys but this part is a whole lot about relationship! ITs going to be pretty fun. You end up talking to Rave, and RUNNING from the police?!!

NICK- Hes the jock. Likes sports and meat products. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Muscular, tall. MATT- Funny and romantic. Hes a sweetie! Brown hair and hazel eyes. Muscular, averge size. MIKE- Mysterious trouble maker. Red hair and bulging muscles!! RAVE- Lonely, seems sweet. He has black hair and red eyes!! He is tall and average body weight.

Created by: Kirsteen111
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3. You continue your walk to your haouse. In silence yet in the company of your new found friend Jill. You are approaching your front door when you stop and sit down on the side walk. You pat the spot next to you telling her to sit for a sec. Then as she sits, you ask, "Whats going on between you and Matt?" She hesitates.. "We.. we were going out for awhile. And um.. we uh.. broke up a week ago. It wasnt working out." She said that with a tinge of guilt in her voice.
Oh no..
Im so sorry
Hehe now i can take Matt!
4. You stay silent for a moment and then say, "Doesnt sound like, 'it wasnt working out'. You sound like it was more than that.." She looks at you like you struck a nerve. "HE BROKE UP WITH ME OK? Said i wasnt the one. I asked him what he ment. And he said he wanted someone more funny and more interesting.." She has tears coming down her face. You are too shocked to speak!
Matt will like me better
5. With out saying another thing, Jill walks away. You feel sad for her. She obviously was wild about him.. Thats when you decide to go into your house but then you hear a loud crackle sound! You hear it not too far away in the middle of the park. You..
Go run to see what happened
Run far far away!!
I dont know!!
6. You run to see what has happened. You get to the middle of the park but you dont see anything or anyone. Its getting pretty late maybe you shouldnt have come. You see the sun beginning to fall behind the hills, and you feel pretty cold. Thats when you feel a jolt through your body!! You are.. whipping through the air. At first you think,
7. You think, "IM FALLING!!" But then you notice that your still in the air.. of coarse its only been about three seconds but shouldnt you have hit the ground by now? You hear a loud crackling noise again, this brings you out of slow motion and you suddenly relize whats happening. You plug your ears until the sound stops. Then you recap on whats just happened. You were standing there when someone picked you up very quickly and ran.. and then that crackling! You are still in the hands of this guy when you decide to look up to see who picked you up soo quickly, Its Mike (the guy who went to the office) !!!
Mike who
why is he picking ME UP?!
8. He finally puts you down and yells, "Dont you know i was setting off fire crackers?! You nearly got blown up girl!" He said. Thats when you realized he had these huge muscles! You kind of just stare at him innocently and he speaks again this time a bit more tired, "Look, i dont want you to get blown up so, scidaddle!" He pushes you gently toward where you came from. You..
Run away fast!!
Stay with him..
9. Thats when you hear a siren. A cop siren. "POLICE?!!" You yell and look back toward Mike who is looks nervous. "I told you to get outa here!" He then runs toward a deeper part of the park. You have no idea whats going on but you know that fire crackers arent allowed in the park.. He was running away from the police?! He then runs back toward you, "ARE you dumb or stuck. MOVE!!" He pulls oyu up on his sholder and carries you off. You ARE RUNNING AWAY FROM THE COPS WITH SOME WACKO DUDE!! So much for a good night sleep..
Mikes awesome..
10. The surprising thing is the polices sirens soon faded away and he eventually put you down. Once he put you down, "YOUR A CRIMINAL AND IVE BEEN TAKEN HOSTAGE!!" You start to sceam but he holds your mouth shut. "Im not taking you hostage!! I was saving you a lot of trouble! Actually i saved you twice.. Now then how bouts you get home k?" He takes of his shirt and dabs his fore head with it. You then say, "I have NO idea where my home is because im so lost!" Then Mike shakes his head. "Ill take you to Shady Grove, then im departing." You know that shady grove is only a few blocks away from your house. So you say
I'll find it on my own
11. "Sure then," You say and you two rumage through the deep dark park all the way to Shady Grove. But you still cant believe that you just ran away from the cops.. Once you get there Mike disappears and you head home. It is now midnight. You step inside the dark house and are relieved that no one woke up. Its been one long.. day!
way long and hard
I cant believe i RAN AWAY FROM THE COPS
12. You wake up to the sound of your alarm clock. Beep beep beep. You throw your pillow as hard as you can against the clock. But you still hear the muffled beep beep beep. You yawn and moan. You get up groggy, hardly remembering all the problems yesterday. You quickle get dressed and put on a little make up and nearly crawl out the door. Thats hen you notice Rave standing across the street.. You are still very very tired but it is another half hour before school and hes right next to a small black car.. So it couldnt harm talking to him right?
13. You get within vocal range when you say, "Hey!" Rave jolts, obviously startled. He looks at you with those bright red eyes. He doesnt smile. "Uhh i said hey.." You repeat and he just stares. You get a step closer and he... just stands there awkwardly. You touch his car, "Nice ride." You say. He blinks once. This isnt going as planned..
Maybe hes really shy
Time to do something drastic!!!
14. Thats when you do something drastic!!! You suddenly give out a peircing loud shriek, "AHHHHHH!!!!" Need to say the guy nearly jumps out of his skin. Then you fake a very good dramazation. You swing your hands toward your ankle and say, "IT HURTS!!" Then Rave's looking around like, *what in the world?!* He drops to one knee and pulls up the side of your jean and looks at your bare ankle.
Laughs!! Works every time..
LOL, im good!
Thats not funny (me- come on it was FUNNY)
15. He doesnt find anything wrong with it because he gets up a few moments later. He looks at you mysteriously but you can see him almost smile. Then, You hear two voices behind you, "Hey, _____!" Its Matt and Nick!!

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