Have you been influenced by the liberal media?

The left-wing, so-called main-stream media has been out of control the last couple of years. The attacks on Governor Sarah Palin and the fawning over Barack Obama have torn down any doubts on where the media stands.

The question is: How susceptible are you to the media bias? Is your brain strong enough to compute what is truth and what is left-wing propaganda? Whether you are a lefty, righty, Conseravtive or Liberal, take this test and see how much you are influenced by the liberal media.

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1. How would you describe Keith Olbermann?
He's a left-wing liberal, but agree with everything he says.
He's totally biased and uses his personal opinions as news.
2. Which of the following statements is FALSE.
Sarah Palin has held political office longer than Barack Obama.
Sarah Palin was Commander-in-Chief of her state's National Guard.
Barack Obama's Chief of Staff (Rahm Emmanuel) was a ballerina.
Bill Clinton was responsible for the sub-prime mortgage laws.
The current recession began under the Republicans.
3. Which of the following groups was the first to endorse Barack Obama during the 2008 Democrat Primaries?
National Organization for Women
Black Panthers
4. Have more US soldiers died under Bill Clinton or George Bush (43)?
Bill Clinton
George Bush
5. How many ethics charges against Governor Sarah Palin were were found to be true and led to judicial proceedings?
6. How old was Barack Obama's mother at the time of his birth?
7. In 1996, Barack Obama ran for the Illinois State Senate in which political party?
Democrat Party
New Democrat Party
Socialist Party of America
Communist Party
The New Party
8. Which countries has Sarah Palin visited in her capacity as Governor?
All of the above
9. Which of the following media outlets printed first-page articles or had top headline news reporting doubts that Trig is Governor Palin's son?
New York Times
All of the above
10. What is the Bush Doctrine?
The alliance between the US and other countries stationed in Iraq.
A statement by George Bush about Iran.
America's foreign policy toward Afghanistan after its national elections.
All of the above.
None of the above.
Not sure/don't know.
11. The article, "Barack the Magic Negro", was written and published by whom?
Rush Limbaugh in his newsletter.
Ann Coulter in her book, "Guilty"
Hillary Clinton in an op-ed piece.
David Ehrenstein in the LA Times.
12. Which of the following people were publically attacked by the National Organization for Women for calling Governor Sarah Palin vulgar words (for women and body parts)?
Bill Maher
Chris Matthews
John Stewart
Robin Williams
Bill Maher and John Stewart
None of the Above.
13. Who said "I want to cut off his nuts" when speaking about Barack Obama?
Hillary Clinton
Joe Biden
George Bush
Jesse Jackson
Rush Limbaugh
14. Barack Obama claimed that one of his uncle's participated in what World War 2 action?
Landing in Normany on D-Day
Liberation of Auschwitz.
Marching down the Champs E'lysees after Paris' liberation.
The Nuremberg trials.
None of the above.
15. Which of the following pieces of legislation lived up to Barack Obama's pledge to be the most transparent government in history by placing all legislation online for 72 hours before a vote?
US Recovery Act ($787 billion)
House Health Care bill ($800 billion)
$487 billion Omnibus bill
Cash for Clunkers
All of the above.
None of the above.
16. Both the the US House and Senate versions of health care reform contain which of the following provisions?
A government-picked family doctor.
A tax on people earning more than $75,000 a year
A penalty fee if you do not purchase government health care.
All of the above.
None of the above.
17. Who was President when the internet bubble burst and the second Palestinian Intifada errupted in violence and terrorism in Israel?
George Bush
Bill Clinton
Ronald Reagan
None of the above
18. The Associated Press assigned 11 reporters to "fact-check" Sarah Palin's memoir, "Going Rogue". How many reporters did it assign to fact-check Barack Obama's two books, combined?
19. Governor Sarah Palin supported which of the following pieces of legislation in Alaska?
ANWR energy investment
Same-sex benefits for state employees
Elimination of property taxes
Elimination of the state tax
Only 3 and 4.
All of the above.
20. ACORN, the organization Barack Obama represented as a lawyer and whose campaign had close ties during the 2008 election cycle, has been investigated and/or charged with voter fraud in how many states?

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