Good Or Bad Personality Do You Have?

Everybody Has A Good Or Bad Personality. But Some Truthfully Have Good Ones And Some Have Terribly Bad Ones. They Choose Different Choices From Accurate Quiz Like This One. Get The Point?

Do You Have A Good Personality? Are You Really Sweet To Everyone Until Then? Until Now You Could Only Wonder...But Thanks To This Really Special Quiz, In A Few Minutes You Will Find Out!

Created by: Ghenfhedsd3
1. What is your age?
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3. Theres A Nasty Rumor Spreading Around The School. You...
Try To Stop The Rumor As Best As You Can And Stand On Her/His Side.
Tell The Principal The Problem Of Everybody's Telling The Rumor So He/She Could Stop it.
Ask A Friend To Help You Stop The Rumor As Fast As You Can.
Go Up To Him/Her Face And Make Fun Of The Person.
Trash Him/Her And Make Fun Of Them. You Don't Want To Care.
Ignore The Rumor. Just Enjoy Your Wonderful Life At School.
4. You Just Had A Bad Hair Day On Saturday. You...
Fix Up The Hair By Brushing And Combing It Before Eating Breakfast.
Take A Shower And Look In The Mirror On How It Looks.
Get Mom Or Dad To Buy You Hairspray And Other Materials.
Use Your Hands To Mix It Up And Its Good As New For You.
Leave It Alone. Just Eat Breakfast And Fix it Up Later Afternoon Or Other Time.
Don't Care And Never Brush It For Months And Years. It'll Be Fine Anyway.
5. You Just Got An F+ On Your Test. You...
Keep Studying For The Test Until You Get An A+ Or B+.
Have A Friend Help You On Your Homework, Only If They Know How To Pass The Test.
Find Your Teacher For An Afterschool Talk About The Test.
Convince The Principal To Give You The Test Answers.
Don't Do The Homework And Hang Out With Friends And Do Special Events.
Hack Into The Principal's Computer And Find The Answers To Cheat On The Test.
6. You And A Friend Can't See A Movie Cause Your Not 18. You...
Wait Until Your 18 So You Can See The Movie In The Complex.
Play Arcade Games In The Complex Before You Can Go Home.
Just Change Your Mind And Go To Another Cinema.
Find A Friend Whos 18 To Help You Get In And Watch The Movie.
Sneak In The Door So You Can Watch The Movie.
Make A Fake ID Out Of Construction Paper To Get In.
7. People Call You...
8. You Are Stuck In A Hotel With 6 Rooms. You...
Get In The One Filled With The Things You Can Buy Like The Mall.
Get In The One Filled With Candy And Lots Of Toys To Play With.
Get In The One Filled With Cruise Ships To A Luxurious Hotel.
Get In The One Filled With Hungry Tigers And Bloody-Sucking Bats.
Get In The One Filled With Assassinators Holding Tommy Guns Pulling The Trigger.
Get In The One Filled With Blood And Dead Bodies.
9. You And Your Family Don't Have Enough Money For Food. You...
Go In A Restaurant That Only Needs $1 Each For A Food You Order.
Go To A Store That Only Wants You To Pay $3 For Each Item.
Go Ask Some Neighbors For Some Food, Unless They Are Really Nice.
Go Order Some Fast Food That Only Needs $6 Each For 1 Pizza.
Go Donate Some Money To Earn Some Food And Other Supplies.
Just Stay At Home And Starve To Death.
10. Sorry Question #7 Was Stupid. Anyways, You Can't Buy A Pearl Necklace. You...
Wait Until You Have Enough Money Then You Can Buy The Valuable Necklace.
Ask If You Have Enough Money To Buy Something Else To Wear.
Go To Another Jewelry Store That Makes The Jewelry Very,Very Cheap.
Be Annoyed And Glare At The Jewel Clerk Very Angrily.
Throw A Tantrum And Yell At The Jewel Clerk To Give It To You.
Rob The Jewelry Store Necklace And Put It On Yourself To Play With.
11. Did You Like This Quiz? (No Affect)
Yeah it Was Cool.
Like, Totally!
Sorta...But Not So Much.
Its Boring.
I Don't Like It.
12. Lastly, You Are Too Dizzy To Do Things. You...
Take Some Pills And Take A Nap Until You Feel Much Better.
Take Some Other Medicine If You Don't Have Pills And Take A Nap.
Take A Nap Until You Become As Good As New.
Convince For A Head Massage From Your Mother Or Father.
Ask Mom Or Dad To Buy You Medicine To Help You Feel Better.
Don't Care And Do Some Things Even If Your Very Dizzy.

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