Selling your soul

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Thread Topic: Selling your soul

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I mean im not a big religious person. but with all of the s--- I've done in my life, im definitely going straight to hell. so since im probably going to hell, should I just sell my soul. I mean everyday I feel soulless. I feel numb constantly. so I want to know if this is actually worth it then.
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Umm No?
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Sell it to Satan.
At least it'll worth something.
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Go on the Black Pilgrimage and salute the Prince of the Air when you reach Chorazon. You can join the ranks of the Ruling Elite.
Or you may get a jelly donut.
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You're assuming you're going to hell by the idea that it even exists?
Anyways, yeah sell ur soul if it serves you well. Just do it right lmaoo
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U guys are partially fools....
Don't sell ur soul...why?
Selling ur soul is like being caged freedom
So if u want to be caged up sell it...if u want freedom DONT
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You might get a jelly donut!
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I'd recommend against it. One of the core tenants of Christianity is that no one is too far gone to avoid going to Hell.
Still, it's your choice. Just make sure whatever you get in return is worth the trade.
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Haha, go for it.
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No jelly donuts for you.
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If you're already going to Hell, sell it, because you have two choices, go to Hell and get nothing in return, or go to Hell and get something in return, it's simple really.
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Uh, hell isn't for you. The only thing you'll get is pain. Don't do it. And if you believe in hell, then heaven should exist too. And I will get a jelly donut there! (Why am I so hungry....)

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