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read them if you want, I don't care
but a trigger warning
I'm not holding back as much as I should
some of these things will be very disturbing

writing is a form of expression
that's why
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Im out of this world
but not in the sense that Im a spectacular person
more like Im so delusional that I dont always know
exactly where I am

It came to me in a flash:
I was clawing out my chest
skin and blood in my fingernails
destroying the parts I detest
but for now Ill spare the details
for the first time, I had confessed
how I wanted to dig out my entrails
now its resulted in more tests
so yeah, Ive gone off the rails

I was dizzy with the imagery
I fell backwards and let it go
my mental state was slippery
my sanity fell from my grasp
everything from my long term memory
escaped from its cache

its the same little feeling
that makes her tear out her hair
crushes him under the ceiling
takes away their breathable air
has me on the floor kneeling
praying for my mind to not go there
yet the knife is there, reeling
reeling me in, I no longer care
if it sank into my skin, would I scream

all of that is pretty disturbing
f--- yeah, its f---ed up
I already know that its unnerving
its hard to hear, it hurts to feel
the hardest part is learning
how to love myself when Im like this

almost everyone has some form of anxiety
a fact that Im sure youve heard
this is just an extreme form
still, crazy is such an easy word
to apply to people who you dont understand
Im not beyond repair
neither are they
this story isnt as uncommon as you think
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the apostrophes did not show up because I copied it from a note app on my laptop
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I love this!
You have really good writing skills!
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thank you.i appreciate the compliment.