Fill the lyrics!

There are many people in this world that knows how to sing. dance and even figure out the lyrics. S now here is the oppiurtunity to figure this thing out! If you are a good lyrist you might can create a song for janet jackson or some lucky person if you know much!

Are you a goot lyrist? Do you know every word by word for every hiphop song? Where here is your chance to find out on this fantastic "fill the lyrics" quiz! so good luck and remember have fun with it!

Created by: Samantha Phillips
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3. fry that______
4. shawty had that_________ boots with the furr
apple bottom jeans
fried chicken wings
reebox with the straps
5. shawty do what you do let me see you _________ hair
slap that booty
eat some
let down your
6. when you put it on it's a______
way to shake it
fits like crazy
7. I___ ___ exclusive
warn you
know you
want you
8. ________and drop it
pop lock
swop dop
cross walk
9. watch my crank that____ ____ and super man that ohhh!
soulja boy
10. ...And___ __ taste like chocolate
fart face
do do
cho cho
11. players wanna play ballers one a ball i dont even wont none of the above i want to___on you
do do
12. slide to the_____ slow it up crank that motor bike.

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