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This is a quiz that I made while studying for a science exam, about a week before the exam actually happened. This is grade nine academic science in case you're wondering.

This is following the Ontario (Canadian) curriculum and covers most things...but not all. So I highly recommend that you review before taking this quiz. Also, if you're in a higher or more challenging class, this is not for you since it doesn't cover the space unit. Anyway, good luck! :D

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  1. What two category are physical property divided into?
  2. What is NOT a qualitative property?
  3. What is NOT a quantitative property?
  4. What's the definition of Viscosity?
  5. What are two type of mixtures?
  6. The three sub-atomic particles in an atom are...
  7. What is a pure substance?
  8. What is a mixture?
  9. What of the following property's do metals NOT share?
  10. Which of the following is NOT part of particle theory?
  11. What IS a quality of a cation?
  12. What IS a quality of an Anion?
  13. What is NOT a chemical change?
  14. What is NOT a physical property?
  15. What is an electroscope?
  16. What is charging by induction?
  17. What is grounding?
  18. What is electron affinity?
  19. What is the law of electrical charge?
  20. What is electric discharge? (Hint: Lightning).
  21. What are the three types of charges?
  22. What is a load?
  23. What is a conducting wire?
  24. What is a switch?
  25. What is a cell supplies electrical energy?
  26. What is a resistor?
  27. What is a motor?
  28. What is an electrical circuit?
  29. What is an ammeter?
  30. What is a parallel circuit?
  31. What is a series circuit?
  32. What is a Voltmeter?
  33. What is ecology?
  34. What is a terrestrial ecosystem?
  35. What is an ecosystem?
  36. What are decomposers?
  37. What are producers?
  38. What is a consumer?
  39. What three Biotic (living) factors affect the size of almost any population in any ecosystem?
  40. What is a water shed?
  41. What percentage of energy gets passed up on the tropic levels of consumers?
  42. What two elements are key in cellular respiration?

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