Does your girlfriend/boyfriend REALLY love you?

You've heard of true love, but do you have it? Your relationship could be a goner tomorrow, or you could marry in two years! Love is a complicated wonderful thing, and this quiz may help you to see if you are in TRUE BLUE LOVE!

Are YOU in TRUE BLUE LOVE? Do you have the power to love someone enough and be loved by them to? Until now you'd never know, but now, thanks to this quiz, you'll find out if your in LOVE!

Created by: Jeremy
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do your girlfriend/boyfriend often tell you how much they love you?
yeah, sometimes, not around other people though
all the time, no matter whos around
no... not really
we've never said we love each other
any time she/he can he/she does
4. does your boyfriend/girlfriend get fidgety when you tell them how hot they look or how lucky you are that you have them?
no they respond the same way
a little bit, just because they're nervous
5. Are you two secretive around each other
never, we tell each other everything
yes, telling each other too much is dangerous, it might get out
most of the time we talk about everything but some things we keep to ourselves
who has time to talk when were making out?!?!?!
i tell him/her some things but lots of stuff i just keep to myself and the girls/guys
6. do you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend what they should and shouldn't do
sometimes, because they aren't STYLISH man
no i respect my boyfriend/girlfriend
all the time
7. you like your boyfriend/girlfriend but if someone else hotter and nicer came around you'd dump him/her from that person
TOTALLY AGREE i cannot see myself marrying my bf/gf
no, my boyfriend/girlfriend is as hot as i ever want 'em to come
looks are great by i love my gf/bf more than that
oh yeah im just dating him/her for the heck of it
8. your girlfriend/boyfriend...
calls you just to here your voice
stays up to watch you sleep
lets you barrow money for the date
laughs at your jokes
points out the bad parts of your attire
cusses at you for loading the dishwasher wrong
9. when you kiss, your bf/gf
closes their eyes
engulfs you
touches your face
starts taking off their shirt
10. you and your boyfriend/girlfriend
have sex about every day
have never kissed
have had sex a few times
want to stay pure until marriage
don't really love each other but have sex for the heck of it
kiss when you can, but don't go any further
11. if your the male would you ever propose to your girlfriend, and if your the female would you ever say yes to the proposel?
id have to think about it
no way, i dont love him/her
probably not
in a heart beat i would!
12. do you love, and truly LOVE your boyfriend/girlfriend, with all your heart? and do you think they truly love you?
no way
I hope so
im sure of it
i kindda doubt it

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