Does he like you?

There are many girls who always wonder of their crush likes them. There are certain ways to tell if he likes you! I tried to make these questions as accurate as possible!

Most girls wonder if the guy they like likes them too. Does he totally like you? Does he sort of like you? Or does he think of you only as a friend? Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Cyndy
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2. What is your gender?
3. Does he try to hold your hand?
No, not really.
Sometimes he plays around with my hands!
He's always holding my hand!
4. Does he quickly look away when your eyes meet?
No, he keeps staring for a few seconds, smiles, and then looks away.
Our eyes don't really meet.
5. Does he know 'The Basics' about you? (Name, favorite color, favorite music, etc.)
Yeah, he knows pretty much everything.
He knows a few things.
He doesn't really know anything about me.
6. Does he text/talk you first most of the time?
Yes! All the time!
Yeah, most of the time.
Not really. I usually have to text/talk to him first.
We don't text/talk.
7. Is he always trying to be around you?
Yes! He's around me 24/7!
Yeah, he's usually around me.
Not really.
8. Does he try to keep a conversation going with you?
Yeah. Sometimes I have to contribute too though.
Not really.
He usually tries to end it.
9. Hug, high 5, or just a simple "See ya later"?
High 5!
See ya later.
Nothing, actually.
10. Does he tend to ignore you sometimes?
Nope. NEVER!
Yeah, I guess. I thinks it's because he doesn't know what to say to me.
Yes. All the time!
11. Does he try to playfully poke you?
Yes! All the time!
Never. He seems to want to stay away from me.
12. Does he tell you things he doesn't normally tell his friends?
Yes! I know pretty much everything.
Yeah, I know a few things his friends don't know.
Not really.

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