Does he like you?

Does he like you? are you realy into him and want to know if you can ask him out?well of course you can but is it the right time?You never know. Thats why i made this quiz.

is HE the guy that likes you?this will help you find out!You never know if he likes you or not i meen not every guy will like you. And if they do wel..AWSOME!either that or the test is messed up...i hope it isnt.

Created by: Lindsey
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1. Does he smile at you alot? Does he look at you alot?
not much (for both) but i can recall a few times.
2. What do his friends do when they are hangin with him and you go to hang out too?
Smirk at you as if they knew something you dont.
Smile and say "Hey"
Turn their backs to him
3. When he first enter's a room what does he say?
(he just smiles)
Hey, sup?
Hey how are you?
(nothing he just walks past you)
4. When he laughs does he ever put his hand on your shoulder?
never thought about it
5. Does he mimic you? (i.e. when you move to a differnt lunch table he moves with you)
Yeah but it gets annoying.
Yeah he's always where i'm at
Don't think about it
6. Does he flirt with other girls untill you walk out of the room?
Never noticed.
He flirts with every girl
Only me
7. Does he show interest in things you like?(i.e. if you like a certain genre of music he will suggest bands or songs to listen to)
He doesnt listen to my type of music
8. When you are talking to him what does he do?
Gaze at you
look around the room
look at only you
9. If you are under 18 and you want to sneak out and meet him what does he say?
NO! i don't want you to get in trouble
NO! i dont want to get in trouble
Yea sure where at?
10. how often does he call you
all the time!
he doesnt bother
yes,quite often

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